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My face revealed!!!

by on

Wow, 15 comments from 15 different people on my last blog!!! Holy sh*t!

I'll make a deal. I get 20 comments on this blog, even if there all from one person, I will reveal...MY FACE!!!

BANNED!!!!!!!!!!! (caps)

by on

I wrote a post on the iCarly forum saying Fred was stupid (he appeared in the most recent episode) and I got TOS'd! Worst of all, I accidently posted it 5 times, so that's FIVE TOS VIOLATIONS!!! You know what that means? I have 19 TOS violations. One more and I'm *gulps* banned. But don't worry...


I'm the New Host!

by on

Clapmaster got in trouble because of his grades so for now I am the new host of The Worst Episode Ever Contest! I'm very excited about this, though it is unfortunate about what happend to him. But anything, yay?

Let the good times start!

The Spinny Awards

by on

The first annual Spinny Awards are happening next week! The Spinny Awards are a group of awards for spin-offs on the SpongeBob forums. My show, SpongeBob 'n' Friends, has been nominated for six! They are:

Best Spin-off

Best Major Character

Best Minor Character

Best Antagonist

Best Couple

Best Episode

I was also nominated for best creator. The only ones I didn't win were Best New Series, because my series is not new, Best Crossover, since I've never made a spin-off, and Spin-off Achievement Award, since my series isn't cancelled. Vote now on the SpongeBob forums!

I deserve more respect...I think.

by on

I just realised something, I think I deserve more respect on the SpongeBob forums (which is pretty much the only guide I got to). I might sound like a bit of a jerk, but maybe this blog will actually make you realise why I do. It isn't nesscicary, but I'd kind of like it. So here are the reasons:

1. I created the Spin-off Ideas (Episodes) thread: This thread is arguably the most popular on the SpongeBob forums right now or ever. I know for a fact it is the fastest growing: almost 2,500 posts in 7 months. I also know people spend a lot of time working on stuff to post on it, and that a lot of people love it (almost to the point of addiction, for a few). Yet it seems whenever I make a new episode, people don't seem to give much of a hoot. I'm the one who re-introduced spin-offs, I should get some credit!

2. I began the parties: SpongeSebastian was the first to mention them, but I was the one who actually suggested we have one and was also the first host. I know they've been banned and we can't have them anymore, but people still love them and were obsessed with them when we had them.

3. I've been around a looooong time: July 1st, 2007? Phhh, that's nothin'. Even though that is still longer than most people on here, but I really began way back in August of 2005 on the account "spongechard". Back then was only 2 months old, and most of you people were still 2 or 3 years away from joining. I'm a veteran, I tell you!

4. I stopped WhaleBlubber89: This is one I've never told anyone. From way back when began in June 2005, there was a troll on here. His most famous account is WhaleBlubber89 so I will refer to him as that. Anyway, he always got banned, but a few weeks later returned to reek even more havoc, each time get nastier and nastier. So one day, I did somewhat of a sting opperation, asking him a bunch of questions like his name (which was apprently Johnny Poopeater) and his birthday. Incredibly, he fell for it! So I turned over these facts and he was accused of ban-dodging. He hasn't been seen since.

I also like to think of myself as a helpful friendly guy, too, but listing that as a reason to respect me WOULD be jerkish. So what, do you have any respect for me now?

It's only 366 days 'till 2010!

by on
Today is December 31st, 2008, which means its only 366 days till 2010. Horray! Dang it seems only yesterday we were talking about 2009. Now it's over...oh wait. Ugh I need to plan this stuff better.

New Emblem/Goals/Gonna Contribute More

by on

This morning I went a little crazy and did 5 reviews (which is pretty crazy considering I only had 11 reviews in my first year and a half here) and because of that I got a shiny new emblem. Well maybe it's not so shiny, but it's still mine. :D

That was one of my goals. My others are:

Write 50 blogs

Make 2000 posts

Get a show editorship

Submit 500 contributions

Finally make a thread in the Family Guy fourms that dosen't get locked!!!

Also I've decided to contribute more to Gordie Howe. If you didn't already realise, I'm an editor for him so anything I contribute is automaticly accepted. All those contributions will help me level up more. Tee-hee.

I became popular in 20 minutes!

by on

I am in shock. I still cannot believe what happen to me. My body is still trying to overcome the shock.

Anyway prior to today, I was just an average kid. I wasn't unpopular in anyway, but I certainly wasn't anything people would be mentioning when most popular person came into disscussion.

So the day started normal, the bus was largely taken up in a conversation about how Santa was a crazy motherf***er when it happened. This guy named Johnny Quinlan punched me in the face. That may not sound like something you'd come home bragging about, but believe me, it was the most rewarding punch of all-time. So everyone got all mad at him, since they hate him, and then after they told him off and challanged him to a fight they invited me to sit next to them. Now remember, these are the most popular people in school. For god's sake, their "leader" Matt has freakin girls showing him their boobs. I am not lying, a girl did it last Friday. So after that we talked a bit, had a few laughs, and now we're friends!!! I can't believe. Tonight were having COD5 (Call of Duty 5) party and tommorow were all gonna go see a movie. In less then 20 minutes, I went from being jealous of the popular people to becoming ONE OF THEM.

Imagine if the punch actually hurt.

NEWS!!! (please read)

by on

Hey guys, I just made an account on Youtube that makes fun of a guy named Youlkerstiend. If you don't know who that is, check out his channel:

Ya, he's a dick. Anyway here's my account:

Right now I only have a video with a bunch of his voice clips organized to say bad stuff about him, but I have more videos planned in thr future.

Check it out!

Well it's been a while...

by on

Woah, it's been a while since I posted here! (20 days unless you count the party, but that was just one thing. Don't worry, I haven't quit, I've just been spending a lot more time on Youtube now a days, but I have a four day long weekend so I decided to drop by. Anyway how as everyone been? Anything big happen lately that I might of missed? There's probably nothing but I guess there's no harm in asking. I'm just glad none of my friends have left in my abscence.

So I'm back, someone break out the Buster Juice and call Aunt Fran, we're celebraiting! (or at least are a little happy)

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