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So I just bought the Dust 514 mercenary pack on the PSN. The purchase went through and everything, but when it took me to the screen that gives you the option to download the content you bought, nothing was there. It shows that I purchased the game, but when I click the download button nothing happens. What's up with this?
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Would the game run better off the HDD on the ps3, or would the disc?
#3 Posted by tutorhunky (22 posts) -
Yeah, the Dead Space series always makes me scream like a school girl, lmao.
#4 Posted by tutorhunky (22 posts) -
Probably around 125, 150. I buy a lot of retro games from thrift stores and yard sales. I rarely buy brand new games, but when I do, I go to a buy back type store. I'm thinking about getting NHL 13 though, so that price is gonna go up a good 60 bucks. :P
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Sorry if this is the wrong forum section. Like I said, I'm new here and to the whole foruming thing. :P But anyways, it seems like you guys have a really nice community. :) Ok, so to the questions. I was wondering if there was like a buy/sell section thing on here? Like you can buy or sell games/game related items/etc. To other users. Other question was how do I add on like a signature thing? I see people with them all over the forums. Like the banner type things at the bottom of your post. Is there a template or anything? And last question, since I am on the general discussion section, what is your favorite video game series? Mine is either twisted metal, hitman, or silent hill. Some I haven't really seen other people pick. :P Just curious about you guys though. :) Thanks!
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What would you say it is? When I say best, I mean like story/survival, scare factor, sound, gameplay, stuff like that. I'm not really big into horror games, but I have been playing some lately. I think out of what I've played, I'd stay Eternal Darkness for the gamecube.
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I remember playing Hitman 2 for like 15 hours straight when I first got it. My eyes felt like they were going to bleed, haha.
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I haven't, but I would consider it. Not doing it alone though. I would have to camp out with some buddies...and some pot or something.
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Hm...A little of both I suppose. The story is pretty important, but so is the gameplay. I guess it depends on the game really. Good question.
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Check thrift stores. You might not find the complete system, hookups and all, but you can easily score a console. Check a couple thrifts here and there. That's where I get all my retro systems. Payed 10 bucks fro a complete and working gamecube, with the matching purple controller at a goodwill. Give it a shot man.
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