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E3 2007 list

E3 2007 i am very excited to learn more about

PC :
Fallout 3
Dragon Age
Hellgate Lond
Starcraft II

XBOX 360 :
Halo 3
Mass effect
Burnout Paradise
Too Human
Blue dragon
Mercenaries 2
Lost Odyssey
Rock Band

PS3 :
Metal Gear Solid 4
Soulcalibur IV
Burnout Paradise
White Knight
Gran Turismo 5
Devil May Cry 4
Heavenly Sword
Killzone - this game will either make or break and i think game could have done better if Sony never showed that trailer at e3 because it would let the developer make a game than worry to death about graphic promise

Wii :
Super Mario Galaxy
Metroid Prime 3
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn

DS :
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Heroes of Mana

Games that still have to prove why and what i should be excited about

Stranglehold - Game needs to have an epic storyline and prove that game doesn't get repetitive
TimeShift - Don't know much about it looks cool
Assassin's Creed - needs to prove its not another price of perisa
Call of Duty 4 - looks way better than call of duty 2 but plays like call of duty 1 from video i have seen
Crysis - all graphic but i am hopping they have an epic awesome story line
Ace combat 6
UT 3 - Thats its much better than UT2004 and has cool addon
Eternal Sonata
Half life 2 episode 2 - That the game is awesome , longer and solves some of half life 1 mystery (g man)
Haze - Looks cool but need to see more
Fable 2 - doesn't have a stupid story line as the 1st one and is much more mature with much better voice acting

Things i want to see announced :

PSP control redesign
XBOX 360 Live major update
Total redisign of Windos Live anywhere
Deus ex 3 and its exclusive for pc only
Sony announcing some really good games
Crono Trigger 2 ?? ... maybe :)

Creative Zen Vision M 30GB is awesome

Today i replaced my ipod with creative Zen Vision M and it is freaken awesome. It can play DVIX , XVID and other video format which saves me from converting my current videos to some stupid format. Its got a bigger screen than ipod and has a way better battery life than Video Ipod. It can play Video 4hrs with a single charge. It comes with way more accessiory and is much better than ipod video.

AMD bought ATI

Rahul Sood has some very sound information and view on this take over. Read his blog : Read this 1st : http://voodoopc.blogspot.com/2006/07/amd-ati-one-one-three.html Than this 2nd : http://voodoopc.blogspot.com/2006/07/amd-ati-fall-out-with-comments.html

YES Team Fortress 2

Ohh God i have been so waiting for this game before it got canned but now its back. I loved Team Fortress 1 and i was very disappointed when Valve decide to kill but now I am very happy.

PS3 Interface viedo from E3 2006

Check the video out : )


The interface isn't as awesome as xbox 360 interface. This is just redone amped PSP interface.

The Music interface is very basic and i think it needs more depth and feature like having pc and ipod support like the xbox 360 has which makes it really easy to plug in your ipod or your friends ipod into the xbox 360 via a usb port. Also the music user interface is so much easier to use and its hassle free for xbox 360. Music player needs more depth in option and feature.

Having keyboard and mouse support is awesome i think and i hope they are usable ingame for FPS and RTS  . but Microsoft can easily have Mouse support added in the next major XBOX live update. browser i don't really care but i do care about the online interface where you buy your virtual console content.

But Overall i am not impressed with Sony as they have had so much time to develop an awesome interface and all we get is a incremental updated psp interface that has keyboard and mouse support.


I really should buy some xbox 360 games

I bought my Xbox 360 few months back and i only have PDZ and Oblivion. I have gotten most of the achievement points from oblivion but for PDZ it’s a different story as the game demands too much to do to obtain even 100++ achievement point so i didn't even bother.

I think i will go to my local Video game shop near my work and buy 5 XBOX 360 games :
* Burnout Revenge (again .. I own it on xbox )
* Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
* Rock Star Table Tennis
* Motor GP 06
* Hitman Blood money (fan of the series , must own them all ;( )

This will set me back alot since games in Australia cost $100 ($70USD) to $120 ($90USD) each.

DS lite

I bought a DS lite at EB for $200AUD. Its much cooler , more brighter , compact and much better than orginal DS.

I have been playing Advance War Dual Strike again and i am going to buy lost magic tomorrow.

Great gaming device and a must buy if you don't own a ds yet :)

Horrible Game

Today I finished all intermediate level under par time in Marble Blast Ultra. All I can say is that some of these level are totally ridiculously hard and i really want to punch the level designer of the level sledding in the face because that level shouldn't be in the intermediate level or in the game.