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Ten and a half hours of Pokemon Y.

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Hello, hello. I got Pokemon Y on day one, and boy is it great. Tons of new features, my favorites of which are the all party EXP share and the ability to totally customize your avatar.

But Mega Evolutions have me intrigued. I've already seen Charizard and Lucario, and there's sure to be more on the way. This new feature is going make me use a lot of Pokemon I wouldn't normally use. I'm really, really excited to see who they've given mega evos. The way they reveal it is ingenious, too. Discover a stone that goes with a certain species, and you learn that that Pokemon is capable of mega evolving. It really brings a lot of surprises into the familiar formula that we all know and love.

This is definitely worth getting if you're a fan. Lots of little tweaks and stuff that really deliver.

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team review

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You can find my full review of it here.

For the lazy among you, here's an extremely shortened version:  The game provides the same amount of fun as other games in the series, but it doesn't really stand out in a particular way due to a weak villain and somewhat disappointing overall story.

Thanks for reading!  Get hyped for x and y this weekend!

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team- Twenty hours in

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Dream team, the fourth installment in the Mario and Luigi games, is pretty good so far.  The combat is as fun as ever, the story is good, the characters are goofy and the graphics are, well, steallr for the system, ESPECIALLY with 3D on.

There are some issues, though.  For one, it seems like the game hits you with tutorials at every moment it can.  Since it is always introducing new mechanics, it means a break in the gameplay, which is almost patronizing... I'd much rather have the option to skip all the tutorials, especially since I've been able to guess how to perform the majority of the actions in the game.  

It's still a lot of fun... I just wish it wasn't so dedicated to holding your hand all the time.

Bday Blog!

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So, peoples of Gamespot, my Bday was yesterday, and it was a good one!  I went with my GF to see the Thursday showing of You're Next (which is a movie that anyone who thinks horror movies are stagnating should see... Seriously.  See it. Go. Now. Stop reading this if you haven't watched this film yet and go.)  The day after I went to a local state fair and had tons of good food and saw the animals, etc.

As a gift, I got Shin Megami Tensei IV and Virtue's Last Reward for my 3DS! Additionally, I bought myself Mario and Luigi Dream Team and Scribblenauts Unlimited.  All these games excite me. The issue is that I don't know which to dedicate my time to first (I think that VLR will be the first... Loved 999).

And that's about it!  See You're Next so that maybe Hollywood will continue to support fresh and fun horror movies! (although it's not for the squeamish).

The Gruesome Aspects of Everyday Living

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I am going to begin a new story with the same title as this blog.  It's going to be about a mentally unstable cashier who goes about his life and his perspective on the world around him.  I'm hoping it will be a surrealist horror comedy (as in it'll be gruesome and weird, but in a funny sort of way).  It'll begin with him at the end of a shift, and follow his life over the course of a few days as he gets to know a new girl who jsut moved into his apartment complex next door (who, coincidentally, is one of the few normal looking people).  It will be told in the first person perspective, so I'm really hoping I can get a good "voice" for my character.

What do you think of this idea?

Pokemon White 2 review

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Here is my review of Pokemon White 2.  For the lazy out there among you, I'll sum it up in this sentence: Kinda rehashed, but new features ultimately help and it's still very fun.

I'll be posting reviews of The Sabotuer and The Darkness soon, if things go well.

Listen to this song

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A Real Hero by College.  This song is so far beyond amazing, so far beyond legendary that it needs to be heard by all.  Seriously. Take a gander. I usually hate 80's type pop but damn, this song is awesome.

First heard it in the 2011 film Drive, which is a movie I would reccomend watching.

You can thank me for enlightening you.

Pokemon White 2 impressions, incoming reviews

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Hey everyone, I've been playing Pokemon White 2 recently (been playing other games and have been busy with school but I've finally really gotten into it).  

So far, it's pretty good.  I like how Ninty is continuing the story directly from the first games... It makes the game stronger, I think. Seeing how the region of Unova has changed is almost nostalgic, despite only a year between the two games.  I also like some of the new locations, and the Pokemon World Tournament seems like it'll be fun to really sink my teeth into.

However, I can't shake the feeling of redundancy... I find that I'm not as interested in catching Pokemon since I literally just caught a ton of them in the previous game. While I'm sure that the new features will make up for it, I find it a bit disappointing that the game is still very similar to White/ Black.  We'll see what happens when I finally complete the game.

Also, I will be writing reviews for both Dementium games when my finals are over (I'll be free by tomorrow :P).  

Happy gaming!

I've been featured!!!

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Hey, everyone, I've been featured on the Reviewers of the Month for April for my review of Dark Souls! Woohoo! Also be sure to check out the others, they are all well written reviews, regardless of whether or not you agree with them.

Dark Souls Impressions

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I recently bought Dark Souls... I figured "I should at least give it a shot. It's pretty cheap."  Here are my impressions of it.

The game is pretty good so far.  I can dig the combat and the deliberate approach the game forces you to take... I find that, for the most part, the game isn't too tough if I take it slow and approach everything cautiously.  For some reason, I can't seem to stop playing it whenever I start.

Not ony that, but the graphics are pretty good.  I really like the medieval art styIe, as well as the enemy designs (although it's slightly disappointing that many enemy designs repeat, but I'm not terribly far into the game yet, so I suspect that it will change).  The armor and weapon designs are really neat, too, although I think the fact that you really only need one or two sets of armor max leads to little variety.

My only issues with the game are with the music and camera.  First, I find that the music, when it plays, is really just your typical "epic" orchestra.  Not bad by any means, but, to me, not very memorable.  With the camera, I find that sometimes it's more of a hindrance than anything. Since you need to be as precise as possible with fighting, lock on is pretty much essential for victory in most cases.  Sometimes if I'm in a narrow corridor, the camera will act out if I lock onto an enemy and it will obscure my view.  I've died a few times from this, which goes against the general philosophy of the game, which seems to be "tough as nails but fair."  Aside from that, I fidn that there are times where it's a touch too easy to fall off an edge, but it's very rare.  Finally, the game sometimes has input lag.  I've jumped off an edge before because the game had a delayed reaction to what I put in.

Aside from those issues, I'm definitely enjoying the game thus far.  I don't quite think that it's the "amazing masterpiece" that many people say it is... But who knows?  I have yet to beat it (the last boss I fought was Gaping Dragon) so my opinion could very well change.  I plan on writing a review for it when I'm finished with it!