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Gears of War VGA announcement

On December 11, the Video Game Awards will be rolling around for another year. Though last years was incredibly boring, this years is actually shaping up quite well. One of the reasons to watch it will be because Epic will have a Gears of War announcement that we're "not expecting." There are many rumors that it will be a new game mode to Gears 3, or Kinect compatibility for Gears 2. This is indeed a possibility, but I think one of these three things will happen.

1. A Gears of War spinoff.

It's already confirmed that Gears 3 will end the trilogy, but it is quite possible that Epic isn't done with Gears just yet. They could use the same elements that Gears 3 will use, but have new protagonists and a new threat.

2. Gears of War coming to Ps3

Though highly unlikely, I actually think there is a very small possibility that Epic Games will announce that Gears of War 3 may be on Ps3. This would certainly cause quite a backlash from Xbox 360 fanboy. Again, this is VERY unlikely.

3. Gears comes back to PC

Gears 1 was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive, but a year later it came to PC. Pc fans were (and still are) left in the cold when it came to Gears 2 coming to PC. Perhaps because of the PC fanboys who are screaming for a Gears 2 PC, Epic may have decided to have Gears 3 to be released on PC. Or maybe even bringing Gears 2 to PC. (Better late than never right?)

Of course, NONE of these are confirmed. These are simply my predictions. Please leave your thoughts down below.

Megaman games dead?

It's been ages since we've had a good Megaman game. And that's sad because Megamanx is my favorite game of all time. We need Mega man x 9 to return to it's 16 bit goodness.