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damn it's so boring sometimes so if you are a cool person heres my MSN

EDIT : What was I thinking ! You guys can spam me.

Mods should be ashamed

They locked a topic about piracy . It was probgably CasseyWegner abusing his power because I made a topic against his allmighty PC. PC gamers who pirate games should be ashamed and their right to paly games should be revoked. Unless the game is old PIRACY IS NOT OKAY .

But ...but ... the consoles have pirates too . But not as much . If you pirate 360 games say bye bye to ur xbox live and warranty , PS3 games are impossible to pirate and that leaves PS2 and the Xbox which are outdated.

Getting a PS3 ...NOT

Ok so I have enough money to get the $400 PS3 especially since EB will give me a discount if I trade in my games , but I won't get it . Why you may ask ?

- 90% of all good games are also on the 360 .

- Uncharted is Gears but more colorfull and it's the best the PS3 can offer.

So if I would get the PS3 I would be left with a 360 and a PS3 with no games . If I will get a PS3 next year at about the same time there will be more great games out and it will also be cheaper . It's all a matter of timing.

I could also get a wii but I heard it's super hard to find and I won't waste my energy to find the slim gamecube. it's either there , i get it and it's great but I won't run all over the city for a system that doesn't ahve such great graphics ( i'm a graphic whore)

So this boxing day ( day after x-mas , canadian black friday) I want to get a 360 wireless controller hopefully I will find one for about $40 , a 1 year xbox live membership which I also hope to find for 40 bucks and a guitar hero 3 as cheap as I can . Also I might get gameaccess subscription for 2 games at a time ( similar to blockbuster in mail but just for games) .

Looking for a girlfriend

I may sound deperate but oh well I didn't meet my perfect match . Two girls have a crush on me but I don't think they are attractive. I'm a bit overweight but you can't see it if I have my clothes on . I am 16 years of age and live in T.Dot.

I would prefer a girl who is really pretty , likes rock - metal music . I have a thing for the punk style .I don't want this to sound like I'm out to get you , I'm just frustrated I don't like anyone at my school and I'm scared of dating girls in my circle of friends because it would make everything odd. If you are really random and fun loving , I am the same . Obviously I should get to know you better and will give you my MSN .

This is a wierd place to post this , I know , but I met 2 girls on myspace and everything went out fine and we are friends.

Heres a picture of me :

Ownage of the century (hillarious)

I got this message from a user.

"awhile back you said bioshock coming to the ps3 is like MGS4 going to the 360 in one of my topics , well it looks like Bioshock IS coming to the ps3 : http://blog.megascorcher.com/2007/11/confirmed-bioshock-coming-to-ps3-in-08.html

sorry everyone seemed so sure it wasnt going to happen when i knew it would..."

Wow. He keeps track of this ? He messages everyone that said Bioshock won't come to PS3 . Wow. And the ownage is in fact Bioshock isn't coming to the PS3 confirmed by the devs .

So kids rule #1 ) think before you start sending messages.

Getting my 360 back.

They are done with the repairs but I think they replaced it . If they would give me an HDMI enabled one that would be pretty awesome , you know to make up for missing halo 3. I should get it back this week.

My xbox 360 died.

Yup . Like a week ago , tomorrow I have to pick up from the Purolator the box thingy with which I'll sned my xbox back to M$. I was banned for 2 weeks for practically nothing big.School starts tomorrow , ugh.

Eternal Sonata

ES is the best JRPG I ever played. THe combat system is epic and the game seems exciting overall. There are quite a few nitpicks that all JRPGs have (party not travelling with you, text not read) but that's just me b/c I'm not really used to them. The other bad thing is the camera which is mostly good and it doesn't get in the way but there was this part where my character was looking off a ridge and said how beautifull it is yet the camera didn't pan so I could see it . Other than that the game is epic. Download the demo.

Just release Crysis on 360 damnit!!!

Or PS3 for that matter. Heck it doesn't have to be the exact Crysis just a game that uses the same engine and is a realistic shooter ( not like far cry instincts where you shoot a guy 5 times in the chest before he falls down). They should do this fast until Far Cry 2 releases.
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