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Back to PC gaming?

It's been 6 years since my last PC. Ever since then I've been only using laptops. 

In the first couple of years as a laptop user, I always considered PC's to be better than any laptop, but I got used to them, and never looked back to PC's. Until now. 

I wanted an iMac. I kind of still do. But I gave up on the idea. It's just a too big of a risk for me. It's cheaper to buy a PC and I also have the chance to upgrade my system whenever I feel like it. The iMac on the other hand, as beautiful of a machine as it is, would have made me happy for only a brief moment. Why? Because of new models. It gets an update each year, so in a couple of months, I would be drooling over the new version, and not be satisfied with the one that I have. I know myself, and that's exactly where I would have ended up. Getting a PC however gives me the chance to do whatever upgrades I want in order to be as fresh with my system as I want. And for someone like me, that is the best option.

I will hate the bunch of cables and extra space that it takes to have a PC, but I'm sure I'm going to be happy about other things. I'll be ordering my PC sometime this week and building it myself. 

I'm not giving up on console gaming, but now I'll be playing on two fronts. I can't wait to get into Guild Wars 2 and SimCity 4. It's going to be awesome. Also, mods for Skyrim, Black Mesa, the STALKER franchise, the second Witcher, all in full HD with details to the max? Awesome. 

What to do?

We're all gamers here. We know all the tech out there. From TV's and consoles to tablets, phones and graphic cards. What about headphones? I always wanted a decent pair of wireless headphones that I can use with my phone, tablet, PC and Mac, and maybe even with my TV. But it has to be wireless. It's more awesome wireless. Headphones that need to be pluged in or have adapters are out of the question.

Beats by Dre anyone? I know they are immensly popular. But the price tag. Oh my god... I could get a Philips pair of wireless headphones and still have money to buy a PS3 SuperSlim ( I always wanted to put the FAT version aside). So what to do? Again. The price. My god... Why?

I'm no expert when it comes to sound and headphones and whatever, but the pricetag is huge. Then you have the looks of these headphones. I guess they look alright, but I'm not that impressed. They're glossy, so they're gonna get dirty fast and have tons of fingerprints on them. So what's so great about that? Also, almost everyone seems to have a pair, so you'll look just like any other sheep from the herd. I also can't stop having the feeling of owning these headphones, using the metro one day and someone just taking them off and runing away with them. I mean, I've seen people still cheaper stuff. And a bum could get a lot of money for a pair. So I could get robbed.

On the other hand, I've looked for alternatives, but there are very few. I only found some headphones from Philips, but they look pretty weird, but all the reviews from amazon are 5 stars. So that's gotta count for something.

The price is killing me right now. I'm not sure what to do. I have the feeling that if I buy anything else, I'll always want these Beats.

And lastly, aren't they old? They came out 1 year ago? Why are there no new models? Why isn't there a price cut? Hmmmm....

Game of the Year

Well, I played tons of games this year. I know that among favourites are Darksiders II, Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2, Assassin's Creed 3, Far Cry 3 or even Hitman Absolution.

But not for me. By far, the best game I've played this year is Max Payne 3. I loved the story, the action, the excitement, the epicness of some scenes. It was just amazing. It was one of the best games I've played in recent years and by far my favourite from this year. Good job Rockstar, again...


Mass Effect 3


I haven't been on Gamespot for quite a while. I don't even know what anyone else is doing. The only game I recently finished lately is Mass Effect 3. I really enjoyed it, but I believe the first game in the series to be the best. Some small things that I would like to say about the game:

Great atmosphere
Many memorable moments
Facial animations
Familiar characters
Continuity from the first games
Terrific voice acting
More colourful
Great music
Illusive Man
Better cover system
Lots of weapon and armor upgrades
Great replay value

Too much action, not as much RPG
Bugs & Gltiches

Overall, I would say it was a pleasent game, but I enjoey the first two a lot more.

Playing Back to the Future


This is a game I wanted to try before it came out but I was busy with other stuff. Now that I finally got it I'm a little dissapointed. First of, the game is a point and click action adventure, with some use of the keyboard for movement. It's not as good as other games of this genre. Comparing it to Syberia wouldn't be fair, cause nothing comes close, but other games like Sam and Max are also better. The thing that really makes you play it is the game's theme, characters, voice-acting and funny situations. The gameplay is not great, and the puzzles are pretty straight forward, but the controls are really weak. I'm a fan of the movies, so I think I'll at least try to finish the first episode before saying more about the game, I do however hope it gets more interesting as I am really bugged by the stupid controls and camera angles.

Has anyone else played the Back To The Future games?

LE: I just finished the first episode, and it was ok. I really enjoyed it, but I wasn't expecting it to be that short. Only took me about 2 hours to finish. If all the episodes are this long, that would be 10 hours for all five. I was expecting more. Tomorrow I'll start the next episode.

Playing Star Wars The Old Republic

I never thought I'll get back into PC gaming but it looks like I just did. This game, SWTOR, made me get a decent laptop to play it. I got an Intel i7 laptop with a 2GB dedicated videocard and 8GB of RAM just to play this game.

I've played the game for abut 25 hours so far, and decided to continue playing as a Sith Warrior. I love the RPG part of the game. I've tried World of Warcraft a while ago but I didn't really like it that much. As I am a pretty big Star Wars fan, this game was a must have.

There is just one thing that I have no idea how to do in this game. PvP. The only thing I now is the fact that it's called Player versus Player, so I guess you play against other players, but I honestly don't know how to do it. Even in WOW, I was always playing the game as if it were singleplayer. I've heard that you make more experience and credits by playing PvP, but I couldn't find any decent guide online to help me understand this concept. This is my first MMO that I really like. So far I'm at level 14 with my main character and about 5-6 with other characters.

Does anyone else play it? On which server? I'm currently playing on Bloodworthy.

A little about Skyrim

I know I got this game a bit late, but it's better late than never.

I have to say from the beginning that I loved Oblivion and didn't care much for Fallout 3. I don't know what I expected of this game. I knew it was going to be good, then it came out, everyone loved it, arrow to the knee jokes, FUS RO DAH and other stuff made the game even more popular. What made me wait this long where the problems that people complained about. I was actually pretty scared of the fact that people complained about the game crashing a lot. The PS3 version is horrible. This made me buy the 360 version, which is okay, so far at least.

So, I bought the game, installed it (only 3.9 GB) and got going. To be perfectly honest, it didn't impress me like Oblivion did, not in the beginning at least. The intro was much better, but I expected a bit more from the graphics. I started the game, and after the first coupe of quests I realised that 7 hours have passed. Forgot to feed the dog. Anyway, fed Tyson and got back to the game.

What I can say is this: It's terrific. Everything is better than in Oblivion. I did quest after quest, after quest, after quest. I'm already at level 25 after 24 hours, so that is pretty neat. I remember how hard leveling up used to be in Oblivion. Anyway, besides leveling up, the quests, the world and characters are very well made and make the game feel really special. If you've played Oblivion, you'll feel right at home. I'm sure that after 24 hours I still don't know half of this game and still have plenty to find out.

Daedric Armor. This was so hard to get in Oblivon. Skyrim? Hahaha. Piece of cake. It only took me like 2 hours and I got it. I also made my first skill up to 100.

I really am very excited about this game right now. Unfortunately I still have exams left and do need to study a bit. I can't wait to be free and more quests.

That's it for now, Back to Skyrim :D

Best games from recent years

In the last couple of years there have been many great games released, but only a few will live on in our memory (more likely mine), but still, these is a small list, in no particular order, of the games that really impressed me in the last years:

1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series : This was one of my most anticipated games ever. I wanted this games years before it came out. Unfortunately, when iti did finally come out, my computer couldn't run it. This made me more anxious and more interested in the game. Everyone said it had problems, but overall I wanted it more than anything. I finally played the entire series 2 years ago and was completely satisfied with the games. Simple terrific. My favourite shooters in recent years, at least for the PC.

2. Fight Night Round 4 : Few sports games have impressed me as much as this game. I've always been a boxing fan, but boxing games weren't always great. Fight Night Round 3 wasn't what I wanted it to be, but FNR 4 was amazing. The game is the most difficult boxing game I've played so far but this makes it even more rewarding than any other. It's gameplay is top-notch. It's not a simple button-mashing fighting game, you have to use your hands, keep your guard up and throw punches only when you can actually hit your opponent. Awesome game. It may be my most played Xbox360 game ever.

3. The Elder Scrolls Oblivion: I know Skyrim came out, but I still have tons to do in Oblivion. This was my thrid PS3 game and I've put more than 500 hours of gameplay only into one savegame. I even bought the game on the 360, the 5th year anniversary edition just to get some achievements. It is one of the best and most emmersive games I have ever played, and one of the best RPG games. I've never encountered bugs or crashes and the graphics, even after 6 years, still hold up great.

4. The Witcher : The Witcher has basically the same story for me as the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. I expected it a lot but couldn't run it until years after it's release. Still, it was more than I could have hoped for. A truly deep role playing game which sucks you in immediately. I even bought the book The Last Wish, the book on which this game is based upon. It's an absolutely amazing game with a wonderful story, great characters, great action, great voice acting, great everything. If you could play the game with a controller, it would be even more fantastic. Fortunately, The Witcher 2 will be available on the 360 so I'm looking forward to playing it with a controller. I can't wait!

5. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots : It couldn't have been a list without this game. It's a unique game. It combines storytelling and gameplay beautifully. Some don't like the fact that it has lenghty cut-scenes, but I think that is the reason this game is so amazing. At it's launch, it had the most amazing graphics ever in a videogame. Ever! During the cutscenes you were able to zoom-in to try and find rough edges in the graphics. Everything looked great in this game. Combine all this with great gameplay and a wicked story, and you may have one the best games ever made.

6. Red Dead Redemption: I have to say first that I am not a western fan. I never was. This game however, made me fall in love with the genre. It is, in my opinion the best game ever made. It's not my favourite, but it is the best game ever made. I haven't found anything wrong with it. Anything. The graphics are great, the voice acting, sound effects and music are perfect, the gameplay is better than in any sandbox game. I simply could not find anything wrong about this game. It is a masterpiece. Many hated GTA4, I didn't, I loved it, but this is Rockstar at it's finest hour. Never have I ever played a more complete game than this. It will live forever in my memory.

I thought a list like this would be good with the end of the world coming and so on. I wonder what games have impressed others over the years. These are not necesarilly my favourite games, but they left a mark on me.

How many games do you have?

How many games do you have? My collection is of over 500 games. Unfortunately, lately, I haven't played too much. In the last couple of months it's been more about collecting and buying games than actually playing them. I bought more than 100 games in the last year and I think I finished less then 20 games. It's weird, but I can't stop buying. There are games that I know I must own and that is the only reason that I buy them for.

Am I too old for gaming?