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As a conj, you should have no shortage of invites ....

You have to talk to people in game though. Don't join one that a player is shoutign out in the chart on the server, they are usually pointless ...

When you go through dungeons ask in the party chat if anyone is part of one and what their aim is. End of game content? Raids?

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You made another topic about this!?

I answered the last one.

Have fun troll.

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As a tank you need friends .... You can't play the game alone.

TALK to people in the game ... Most parties need a tank. Of course i'm assumign you know how to play the class.

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They have a benchmark download that will tell you if the game will run on your PC.
It even shows how well it will run ....

Gezz ...


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1. To fix the voice acting, switch to Japanese. Yes, the main quests are boring as heck.

2. When starting a new class with the same character, they level faster based on the level of your main class. For example, I waited until my Archer was level 40 before attempting to turn her into a Bard. It took about 2 hours ... yep, two hours. Hunting log entries, leves and rest bonus. Throw in Fates when they spawn close ... no problem.

The game assumes that by the time you attempt an advanced job, you've been paying attention to the best ways to level. It's really simple...

3. Your third point is false. Skill speed can be fixed by eating certain foods ... and equipment. Are you paying attention to equipment stats? Just because something offers more defense DOES NOT mean it's good to use ...

If your skill speed is that slow, find better gear. Period. And eat food. You dont have to craft it, buy it. Its dirt cheap. They even give it to you as a reward in some quests.


The first 20-25 levels are to introduce you to the game and it's mechanics. Yep, the main quests are boring. You're supposed to be joining free companies and making "friends". The end game content is hard, as well as later dungeons. Youll need a group that knows what it's doing. Random parties will likely be wiped out.

There's a reason there are large parties of players roaming the map doing fates together, they are making allies and joining companies together. And when the party is full, they can get tons of exp by doing fates, they finish them in no time by working together. I did one (Fate Party) yesterday to get seals for my Grand company. Leveled and got the seals in no time.

You sound as though you've been playing alone this whole time. If you have then yea, the game is boring. Give it away.


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Now if there are other PS3 exclisives you want to play then yes. This plus several other games you can't play.

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It's funny how you forget about the promise he made to Tess.

His final choice was a bit of a shock to me only for this reason. They traveled that far and that long ... due to a promise ... and then he changed his mind ... for selfish reasons. Yes. Selfish reasons. He even tried to end the trip early and Ellie said no, they had to go on.

It's an interesting look at people after the collapse.

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In all honesty ... you can't really appreciate this game unless you've played (and thoroughly enjoyed) the first game. Now does that mean you have to play the first game (on PS ... it was redone on the PSP don't I don't know anything about that version) to like this one? No, you can just play this one but again ... you'll really have a better understanding of things if you get a hold of the first game.

So ... I haven't really answered the question ... if there are other PS2 rpgs you still want to play go ahead and get those first, then come back to this one.

My brother only played this game while skipping the first and he enjoyed it; even replayed it like twice. But he's also a crazy JRPG fool like myself.

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How's the fix going? My ability to view blogs is still down.

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Here's a crazy idea ... buy the game ... play it ... play the free online co-op ... don't pay for the DLC.
Seems pretty simple to me. LOL, trolls.

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