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XBox 360 ... Lost Odyssey ... Thank you Hironobu Sakaguchi !!

Making this one quick ....

  • I'm only on disc three ... but I'm enjoying it sooooooooo much.
  • Classic turn based RPGs + Final Fantasy 10 = This Game
  • The story great!!

The classic style only seems easy at first, once you get skills and more party members it gets a bit tricky. The gimmick is simple in theory ... the front line is the defense for the back line (where you should tuck your mages). However, every time the front line takes damage, the defensive rating falls, restoring HP doesn't restore the rating however, only certain skills and spells can do that. So, if you try to just power your way through a boss (or group of random enemies) and the front line's defensive rating has dropped too low, your entire flank can be killed in one enemy turn. It's a balancing act basically ... punishing you for being too risky or too timid.

The rating isn't reset for each battle, if the front line enters a battle with low HP, then the rating starts low ...
The thing I love most, when the rating is low, the AI will kill everyone in the back line as soon as possible ... it's been a while since I died playing an RPG so it's a welcomed change.

Then there's the story ... VERY good, silly at times, but never dull.

For those of you who like a good opening ... that leads straight into game play click here :)