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Why I Can Never Go Home Again

I'll admit it, upon first hearing the news that PS Home was finally coming (the beta anyway) I was excited. The idea of gamers in a social setting, talking, sharing … it just seemed like a good thing. I imagined a place where members of online clans would finally be given a "face" and in some cases even a voice. Heck, I'd even get to make an avatar that looked like me (well it came pretty close … the amount of detail you can put in is impressive though).

Of course all of these fuzzy feel good dreams were dashed after I actually logged in. What I found when I got there people dancing for no reason, rude comments for no apparent reason, the list goes on and on.

I don't want to give the impression the PS Home is a bad thing, it's actually far from it. As a software developer I appreciate the effort put into the environment and I can defiantly see the potential the world has … well anyone with half a mind should be able to see that.

There's just one problem … people. Three out of every four people in the place are just … … I can't even think of a word to describe them … … immature, asinine, dumb, I think you can see where I'm going with this.

At first it didn't really bother me, I just sat down and "people" watched for a few minutes; I was quite entertaining. But soon I grew tired of the shrewd comments or just plain lack thereof (some folks just wanna dance … ). My favorite conversation (I ease dropped in on) was between a 26 year old female from DC and a random male. It went something like this (and when I say "like this" I mean word for word):

Female: Hi, this is new to me.
Female: 26 from DC. I'm Imani (or something like that, I'm no good with asian names)
Male: Hey babe
Female: Hi
Male: ***** I'm gonna block you
***Female gamer logs off

Soon thereafter I logged off myself. Why? Some joker ran up on me (or my avatar rather) and dropped the N word on me. I didn't upset me, it was actually quite funny … he ran away right after saying it (like I was going to beat him down or something).

So why is it I'll never go home again? It's simple; I deal with stupid people in real life every day at work, out in town, etc. Why the hell would I want to deal with them on my free time? That's just crazy!

Edit: I also expected to be able to invite people over to my "apartment" to view stuff I had stored on my PS3's hard drive ... perhaps that's a bit too much though ...