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RF Online

Cant wait for RFO beta 2 come out published by codemasters 10,000 spots for beta i signed up late Nov so i think i have a good chance of geting in :D come sign up for close beta join the team its gona be a big mmorpg PvPvP so cool

I love animay

I find that good animayys have good stor lines that you can relat two and are fun to get all the DVD's in the set so u ccan watch angain and again my fav are :Inuyasha :Inital D :gost in a shell

Black & White 2

One of the best games ever is relesing a second vershion B&W 2 omg its gowing to be so good cant wate till it comes out not long now 04/10/05 it will come out same time in australia it will i know it will it has big hipe $50 and its on dvd so its gona have a ton of stuf in the game

PANT BALL for my b'day

PANT BALL im gowing to moama on the 30th Aprial for my b'day but the funny thing is it ses Victorian pant ball but moama is in N.S.W

World Of Warcraft!!!!

I got WORLD OF WARCRAFT and iv got a LV 10 Dwath Hunter wow is soooooooooo good im hapy with my bye best MMORPG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol::D

Hunters are the best class to go

world of warcraft

WORLD OF WARCRAFT is so mad the grafic are so good and the maps are big the only bad thing is you got to pay $15 a mounth but its worth it

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