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I am a football fan. For me the season never ends. The pre-season games are as important as the regular season. I can't wait to see my boys get out on the field and fight hard for roster spots. It whets my whistle until September.

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I'm for it. This also means that the new recruits have a shorter period of time to prove themselves and win starting spots.

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It's just for your profile.

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It was unprofessional for him to continue to take jabs when she was clearly moving on. When she began to do her job he spoke over her. He was wrong to continue. He was being incredibly childlike. And it was obvious he was trying to upset her. He irritated me with his childishness.

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I don't think he meant to downplay the role Timbaland plays. It's mums the word, as far as details are concerned, on the upcoming project. I know there is much love and respect between those two. I'm sorry I don't take everything at face value especially news articles. It just would not be right unless some writer put a little spin in the mix to cause drama.
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Congrats Orlando.
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I'll get it but I'm not sure how close to the release date I'll purchase it.