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First, how are all of my GS buddies? I hope life is treating you well. Secondly, I have read and listened to some of the harshest comments concerning LeBron James. I've listened quietly without my input. People need to get over themselves unless you have the abilities that LeBron does. He did not waste your time. If you watched the television special, how the heck are you gonna complain about your time being wasted. You could have waited and read about his decision at another time. LeBron did not waste your time, you did.

The interview was a total access moment. It was not just about announcing the decision to play for the Heat. Total access means that basketball fans got a chance to listen to what went into LeBron making his decision. The angst, the sadness etc... It was a sports interview. An inside look.

LeBron, people close to LeBron, and fans of his game, got to see that people are fickle and fair-weathered. Folks liked LeBron as long as he was doing something for them. When he made a difficult decision to do what was best for him , all of a sudden, he is the worst person in the world. I'm sure LeBron expected a backlash but not to the extreme of burning his jersey or(in one person's response) a person saying death to LeBron. Are you freakin' kidding me?! What's in the water that fans of the Cavaliers and the owner of that organization think that they owned him lock, stock, and barrel? LeBron has a chance to play with Wade and Bosh, his friends and superstars in their own right. He wants to win championships now and his chances just tripled. Seven years with the Cavs and their fingers are empty. This is his career to do what he wants. He made a business decision based on logic not emotions. Good for him. Folks have been asking whether he could ever go back to Ohio. I freakin' laugh when I hear it. Who do folks think they are? That's his home. What are folks gonna do, not let him get of the plane and go visit his family?

We don't own folks and we sure don't own folks simply because we like them or they provide a service for us. As far as the public knows, Lebron did not sign a contract in his rookie year to play basketball in Ohio for the length of his career. He has worked the length of his contract with the Cavs and has now moved on. Fans and the Cavs owner should say to LeBron,thank you for the time that you have given us and the revenue that you helped generate and the positive publicity that we have gotten over the years. Even further, it's possible that the organization owes him an apology because, in seven years, pieces were not put together to fit his talents better. Seven years Folks. But I'm stretching it. LOL Thank him and send him on his way. That's the cla.s.siest thing to do.