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At which point do we stop paying for the game we've saved our coins to purchase?

A topic that has been on my mind for some time now. Monitoring my spending habits, and watching the habits of some of my gaming friends, I have become conscious of the fact that a $60 game often costs more after the initial purchase. I have become interested in how games are brought to fruition not only because of their awesomeness but to see what it is that we are paying for. I wanted questions answered like; Should add-ons be something the consumer pays for or should they be downloaded "free" as a part of that $60 we initially paid for the game? Is someone who pays for upgrades enjoying the game in a way that I can't if I don't pay to play for scenes that maybe should already be in the game? Are we getting bamboozled with paying for enhancements? Gaming is expensive. With what we pay to play it is possible that gaming will come down to have and have nots.