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Hey GS buddies. I looked around and didn't see new blog entries from many of you. Is everyone too busy for GameSpot? Well as the title says this entry is about whats on my mind.


Shawn Merriman, of the San Diego Chargers, got traded to the Buffalo Bills of all places to play. I think the Bills are 0-6 this year. Moss(Randy Moss)was waived after 4 weeks with the Vikings and picked up by the Titans. The Vikings season is drama filled guys.The Broncos are stinking up the field so far this year. They're playing horribly. How the heck you go to London and let the San Francisco 49ers beat you when they hadn't won a game yet? Or had the won 1 game prior to playing in England? Either way! I'm watching how the Miami Heat play with it's top 3. LeBron, Bosh and Wade. They lost their opening game but has since gone on a 4 game winning streak. Do you think they're about to tear through the NBA with wins?


I watched the voting coverage yesterday evening. I was keeping my eye on whether the republicans were taking over the House and the Senate. I kept texting my friends yesterday about the results of the voting. One thing I was shocked with is that the seat in Illinois now belongs to the republicans. Illinois was the seat that Obama occupied. Did any of you watch the coverage? Sarah Palin tweeted something like, we're coming to DC to stop your fundamental transformation of America. I guess she was talking to Obama.


The Sims 3, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, EA Sports MMA and Call of Duty Black Ops are some games I'm interested in getting.