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MADDEN 12(byT)

It seems as though a lot of watchers of the Madden 12 review are up in arms about the opinions of the reviewer. It is my opinion that Gamespot has it about right when it gives Madden 12 a 7.5. There are new tweaks to the game. Some of which are, the glossed skin of the players who, themselves, look more like their live counterparts, the pre on-the-field celebration as the players get ready to run onto the field, the bidding in franchise mode for potential players and a little more that I have not spelled out in the on-line play and elsewhere.

What I find, though, is that all the tweaks are underwhelming. Some may even be unnecessary because the change does not add to the experience. Experience, that's a good word. I am looking for a broader experience when playing Madden. The Franchise has yet to put a package of goodies together that many types of football fans will enjoy. The game seems to be narrow and is becoming narrower with the removal of several pieces from Franchise mode. It appears that the Franchise does not have its finger on the pulse of the different demographics of players that purchase the game. For example; I like to control everything in Franchise mode to see if I can be successful in all areas of the football brand. I want to control prices, stadium upgrades, movements of stadiums, team contracts, on and off the field disciplinary action etc. I'd even like to control the lifes.t.y.l.e of my players, houses, cities they live in, cars, get the picture.

Madden could also use episodes in its game like NFL network and halftime could actually have a sports desk where the game could be discussed in detail. How about complete pre-game coverage.This is what I mean by giving the players an experience. A smorgasbord of juiciness to appeal to a broader audience, which includes women. Interviews could be given during the week when games are not being played. There could be television and a daily sports show that talks about the players. In the game, we should be able to have a choice to do what the owner and GM of the Cowboys did to his stadium to attract fans and bring in more revenue. We should be able to bid for the Superbowl to be played in our particular city. Some players should come out of jail or have not so fabulous college issues and we make decisions on character traits and other things about a player that would harm or help his chances in making the team. Heck, there could even be a player's union of sorts and impending lockouts and the owners and GMs could scramble to make deals. How about endorsements for the players?

How the game plays needs some new artistry also. When a player is hit, he holds the same body part for all injuries. If a player's knee is hurting, how about having the player hold that part, or if he has a broken clavicle why not have the player reach for the neck area? Hits should knock helmets off. Shoes should occasionally come off. Hits should keep players from getting up every once in a while and too many hits on a quarterback should get him out of the game. Big hits should have an effect and coaches should have the ability to play them in the upcoming games or not. Fights should ensue and fines get doled out. Random drug testing puts players careers at risk, put it in the game.

I believe the sky's the limit with all the revenue the Madden Franchise receives not only from fans purchasing the game but from the additional content fans purchase throughout the year. The Madden game costs the player approximately $60 dollars as a new release. For the hard core fans, the game can be $100 or so. I say give us a completely mind boggling game experience that we just cant put down. Do not just update the roster and tweak the game engine ever so little so that you can say you're doing something new. Don't hold out every year on greatness just so you can say you did something every year. I'd take Madden every 3rd year or so just so the Franchise could put out a masterful piece of art if that is what it took. I'd update my roster every year but I'd wait for goodness such as the ideas and examples I have typed here.

Apart from Madden, I hope all of my GS buddies fared well with hurricane Irene bearing down on us. I hope all is well with your families also. Blessings and game on.