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A coach, a student, a writer, along with so much more, I'm a woman who loves gaming. No social awkwardness keeps me glued to the screen. It's not complicated. I game because it's fun. I entertain, take care of my household, and let my hair down by trying to knock my opponents block off in Madden. I have notebooks where I track my progress in baseball, golf, Madden, and NCAA football. So what does a female gamer supposed to look like? Whatever it is I have a sneaky suspicion I'm not it.

I went to a Madden party and you would have thought I was an alien. First I dressed as if I was going to a party not like I was rolling around in my back yard. I didnt smell like a barnyard animal because I can't get away from gaming enough to take care of my hygiene. I spoke to folks. I didn't stand in the corner as if I was afraid of human contact and the computer was my only friend. I congratulated folks when they bested me in competition. I played on a PS3 even though I have a 360 and didn't mind at all. I danced because music was playing. Being the only woman at the party did not bother me. It only made me wanna kick some butt a little more.

I recently had my carpets cleaned and when one of the gentlemen moved one of my containers he saw that the container held video games. He frowned and, without me being able to explain the confusion in his voice, he said "You play video games?!" I laughed and told him that I do. All he saw throughout my household, up to that point, were books. As some of you know, when people come to your home, one of the first things they do is try to figure you out, per the things that you have. Now what he saw was that I was in a dress in the middle of a Madden game on my bedroom television. He was so interested that for the rest of the time he was working, he questioned me about the games I play.

I wonder what folks see in their minds eye when someone says they are a gamer. Even better, I wonder what folks see when someone says female gamer. From the looks I received and the energy that was intensely palpable at the party, an educated, sexy, friendly, black woman, is not it. ;)