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My thinking is that this is a case of the media guiding the thoughts of the public. I'm sure that the Cavaliers knew LeBron was leaving. Extensions are signed while players have a year left on the contract or during the last year so that the organization knows where it's going. LeBron did, in fact, visit all the teams you listed. None "went to him". As far as being narcissistic, we don't know him for real. Also you know we're discussing sports. Sports. If you are the best you proclaim it, act like it, ask to get paid like it, and do what it takes to win. Tv shows, interviews, shoes named after sports stars, sports stars holding out, demanding trades etc...Kobe threatened to leave the Lakers if they did not get the right supporting cast around him. Come on luv. Folks are sleep walking. Feeling however the media tells them to feel. Quick to dirty someones character for making an unpopular decision. Players do not build up teams. It's not their job. I am a basketball coach. It is the organization's job to get the right pieces to fit their star players. Do you watch football? It is the best example of what I am talking about. Players and coaches alike do what is best for their individual careers. If a player is not the best fit do you think a coach says I need to stay loyal to that athlete? Heck no. Every player does not know they are being cut ahead of time. And it's not the coach who always makes those calls. Coaches have personnel that can do that job and often do. The owner of the Cavs does not care about how nice LeBron is or isn't. That's bulldoody that's being fed to the public who's just swallowing as the pile is being shoveled into their mouths. What Dan Gilbert is teed off about is that their best player is no longer on the team. That the Cavs will not bring in the same revenue or get the same attention, and whatever the other perks were, that they did when LeBron was on their roster. Everyone is giving the owner a pass to say and do whatever he wishes. People seem to not be able to see the forest for the trees. If Dan Gilbert works to dirty LeBron's name he is hoping that it will affect ticket sales for Miami. He knows LeBron is a good person or he would not have groveled, begged and pleaded for him to stay. Just like LeBron did that interview for a specific reason so did the owner of the Cavs release that horrible email PUBLICLY for a reason. Also, check this out, LeBron does not have to call the owner nor does any athlete have to call to say I'm not staying, or I want more money, or anything else. They have a choice to have their representatives do that for them. Just like when a player is being released from a team. There is a hate LeBron bandwagon going on. And, as I think about it, I'm less suprised because that's what many many folks do, jump on bandwagons without getting as much info as possible. If many folks now hate LeBron and have been supposedly put off by basketball altogether then they weren't a fan of the sport in the first place.