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What I do not like about Fight Night Round 4is that in the game ESPN, every 20 minutes, gives a sports update but it only talks about baseball and it repeats the same broadcast too many times before it changes to a new sports update. So far, I've only heard twodifferent broadcasts and they both were baseball news.I'm playing a boxing game. I'd like to hear boxing updates and updates from around the sports world. Not just baseball but basketball football etc. At the bottom of the screen there is a sports ticker that has news pertaining to other sports. Lets hear it rather than the game continuing to repeat the tired baseball news that hardly changes. Seriously, it repeats the same broadcast.

Legacy mode has definitely bored me. Getting points to build up your champs attributes is too long and drawn out. On the fight calendar you have to schedule training sessions but you can only haveone session right before a fight, supposedly, depending on the date of your fight. I can deal with that so I thought to schedule my fights later so that I could gettwo orthree training sessions between fights. But nooo. No matter what fight dates I choose I get only 1 training session. The fun is definitely not in it for me. Training is too long and tedious. It's not worth it to end up getting just one or two points added to a particular skill for your fighter.

Unless I'm competing against my friends or on Xbox Live I'm hanging up my gloves.


A couple of hours ago I completed Lost:Via Domus a video game based on the Lost television show. It has 7chapters and if you're better than I you may be able to finish it in 7 hours. I'm a bit nosy when I play games. I usually take the character all around, if permitted, to see what there is to see.There isn'tmuch free roaming in this game other than looking for particular extras instead of going to speak to a character directly. I, for the first time, unlocked all the achievements in the game, an additional 1,000 points to my gamertag. Cool right?

More than not, I enjoyed the game. The jungle areas are impressive. The music is a little haunting. Sawyer and Locke annoy me both in the television show and the game. The only items you can interact with are those that are a part of completing the level. Other than that you will bump into a desk or chair and it will not move. Papers do not fall off desks when you run by. I like more interactive environments. If I push it I want it to fall, bend, or break.

Next, going to a game many of you have already played. I purchased Bioshock but had not played it. So tonight is a Bioshock night. But right now NFL Total Access. Gotta have my football fix.


What's going on?!! Miss you guys. There is no excuse for me not being here other than I'm so tired when I'm not writing papers for school that when it comes to being on for fun I'm like aaah maybe later and the later never happens.

About 3 weeks ago I prepaid for two games. Fight Night Round 4 Boxshotand Madden NFL 10 Boxshot. I have not picked up Fight Night yet. Same reason as not coming to the site. LOL I'll pick it up this week. I know, I know, it's awesome.

Another game I want, that I've played, is Batman: Arkham AsylumBatman: Arkham Asylum (X360).That game is bad arse. I gotta have it. I was just playing around in Game Stop and I stood there for maybe twenty minutes playing it over and over. I had friends with me laughing because I was immediately addicted. The graphics are rich. The movements are fluid. From what I've seen the whole game could be fantastic.

A game I was feeling a little guilty about possibly spending money on is Ghostbusters The Video Game. Yes laugh if you will. I am such a fan. Ghostbusters brings back awesome childhood memories. Something you guys do not know about me is that I was terrified of Stay Puff the ghost. Hilarious, I know. Now I watch the movie wondering what the heck I was afraid of.

More games I'm looking forward to owning are, NCAA Football 10, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Boxshot, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10big fan of this game, andUFC 2009 Undisputed.

That's all for now. See you on your pages.


All work and little play has made me almost dull. But I press on with my studies. Spring break has ended for me and I'm

back to the business of book grinding. I miss you guys and the hot gaming topics of the day and week. I renewed my

xbox live subscription. I was not playing on-line much so I let it go. But now its on like buttered popcorn. Gamertag

SCORPIA1118play. I just beat GOW. That's a vicious game. Whew. Now I have to purchase GOW2. My brother in law is

on me about getting it. My recent purchases are Madden 09 and, as of today, Dark Sector. I'm looking forward to getting

RE5 and Guitar Hero World Tour. Speaking of Guitar Hero. I have become quite the drummer. A close friend and I get

together and have these all nighters where I make some food and we drink ourselves until we feel like we could be rolled

out of the room. It's soda guys. LOL

So whats up with you guys. How are the new additions, for some of you, coming along(could be children or pets)? Whats

the baddest(best)game out you're playing.? How's work or school going? Give me the juice.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my buddies. School is fabulous, gaming is rare but good, a little snow and ice in my driveway, and a little Doctor Who. That's how you make a long story short. LOL

I missed you all that I "speak" to regularly when I come onto the site. Please leave me a message telling me how you've been. I've even ran into one of you at one of my hang out spots. LOL It's interesting meeting someone in real life that you've known only virtually.

Sunday is a big day for me. I'm hosting a Superbowl party. I'm excited. You guys know how much I love my football. I'm going shopping tomorrow to get the ingredients for my dishes. Big weekend! I'm going to leave my blog now to check on some of you.



A long time huh? I miss my gaming buddies. Life is great. I am on holiday break from school. I purposefully have not spent much time on the site so that I can focus on my studies. I have not played any games throughout the semester. I just found that it would be inappropriate for me to game when I could be studying.

November 18th was my birthday, Tuesday. I celebrated it by going to Dave and Busters and the mall. I did a bit of shopping, played all kinds of games, had an incredible dinner and did neon bowling. I bought Rainbow Six Vegas in place of Madden 09 because of the price. I'm just not ready to spend $54 dollars on it. I'm being stubborn. LOL

I'm playing my new game now and I have a basketball game this evening. I want to hit the gym b4 I go. There is probably so much more I haven't shared but I can't bring it to the fore right now. So spill guys

1. How have you been?

2. What games have you played since we last spoke, and are currently playing.

3. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

4. What's the biggest gaming news.


I looked at a replay of the Denver and San Diego game along with catching the final quarter on Sunday the 14th . In the final minute of the game, the Broncos had the ball on the Chargers 1 yard line. Jay Cutler dropped the ball as he wound up to throw it and a Charger got it into his arms. Referee Ed Hochuli ruled this an incomplete pass. When the play was reviewed, it was clear that it was a fumble. The difference? The player's arm has to be moving forward with intent to pass to be considered incomplete. A fumble is a loss of the possession of the ball. Cutler's arm was cocked back when he dropped the ball. A fumble. As it goes, after Hochuli's premature call, Denver scored a touchdown and a winning two point conversion. The end result was a 39-38 win for the Broncos.

Starting off the season the Bronco's are 2-0. Cutler has thrown for 650 yards. Fantastic! Even in the toughest challenge yet, in the Chargers, the Broncos look exceptional. Their next game is the 1-1 Saints who lost to Washington in their last game, 29-24.


Denver vs. the Raiders and More(byT)

What an opening night! The Broncos had lost seven straight road games on Monday nights, so, at the start of the game, September 8th, I didn't know what to expect. Denver had a terrible 2007 season. I'd be the first to admit that after John Elway I had no faith in Cutler. I could not see anyone filling the shoes of that great Quarterback. Monday night, Cutler made me pay attention.

Cutler appears healthier and his arm stronger. His passing was fluid and he appeared fearless. His supporting cast of wide-receivers Eddie Royal and Darrell Jackson and my favorite tight-end Tony Sheffler, were on fire throughout the game. I thought I would miss WR Ashley Lelie, now playing for the Raiders, but that position has been filled with awesomely capable athletes.

The Raiders were held scoreless until 2 minutes into the 4th quarter. The Broncos beat and bloodied the Raiders by ending the night with a score of 41-14. Their next game is at home vs. the Chargers, Sunday September 14th. I pick the Broncos because Cutler is a better Quarterback than Rivers. Cutler has a more powerful arm and his accuracy is almost scary. Cutler is also motivated by proving that he and Denver are a team to look out for.

If he plays, the Broncos will have to contain Tomlinson. L.T is beast. The Offensive line will have to work that much harder if the defense collapses and doesn't do its job at containing him. I think, at most positions, the Broncos have a better team than the Chargers.

Finally, the teams I'm looking out for, for various reasons, are the Redskins vs. the Saints. My honey loves the Skins, I'll be routing for them because of love. LOL I'll be looking out for Green-bay because I'm interested in their performance after losing one of the best QBs in history. And the Jets game vs. the Patriots. One, because of Jet Farve, and two because the Patriots have lost an awesome QB, Tom Brady, to injury, for the season.

Whoever said women just watch football for the tight pants, lied. LOL


Books, check.

Pens, Paper, check.

Clothes pressed and ready, check.

Sports bag packed, check.

Car washed, check.

Tomorrow begins my early schedule back to school. I'm taking all morning c.lasses. I love that schedule. I have to get to school a bit earlier, than what is necessary to be on time for c.lass to get a great parking space.

I have a full schedule. Work, school, the basketball team and being a wife. LOL I believe that all of us women have at least a little bit of superwoman within us. Some more than others. My schedule suits me fine.

Today, TNT is airing all of the Lord of the Rings movies. I've been taking breaks here and there to watch them. It is one of my favorite movies. Rather they are three of my favorite movies.

Of course, I have to watch Sunday night football. After the game I will get into bed. Though, I should turn in at 9. That is it. That is all. Goodnight all. And for those returning to school, have a great year.


AAAAAArgh!! I'm so sore guys. I'm having a hard time straitening my right leg. It's so painful when I try to stand or walking around the house. I'm stretching it now as I sit and type. I might have to cancel my walk for tomorrow.

Today, I did a seven mile walk. I was supposed to go to the court to shoot around a bit but, when I returned home, all I could do was lye in the bed. LOL My ankles and feet were screaming at me.

I'm, of course, continuing to watch the Olympics. I haven't watched much else since it's been airing. Track and Field is, I think, my favorite event. I watch all events but Track and Field is one of the best. Jamaican runners have dominated this year.

Just a thought; For those returning back to school, especially, college because you may have already gotten your books for the semester, open them and shake off the rust from the summer. Go through the chapters of your text books just to get a feel for the lessons. When I was a child, my mother would let us have fun, sure, but not until after we studied. She would create daily work for us; reading and math and she would correct it as needed. My mother pushed reading very hard throughout our vacation. When we returned to school, there was not much of an acclamation period to the new year because we had studied throughout the summer.