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Not really a Blog but Cod BO got me thinking

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It got me thinking about online FPS again. I just dont get it.

So I thought about it in a different way. I love racing, I raced motocross and some Kart almost my whole life. But I cant watch NASCAR. I know their is talent and skill in it, but its not GP racing or motocross by any-means. And its kinda lame to watch after awhile.

FPS online are to gaming what NASCAR is to racing. Their both HUGE! Yet their both the lamest form of their gender (not sure on the word their?) Playing FPS online for over 2 hours is the equivalent of watching a NASCAR race compared to a F1 race or GP or Motocross race. Not much going on, same thing over and over, a few bangs here and their and that's it. It does not have the differentials and variables that make other racing really racing. Just like Online shooting is not really a full video game.

So If you watch NASCAR and wounder WTF? Thats exactly what I wounder when I watch people shoot for hours online.

Is it good that AC 3 is more to do with single player? YES!!!!!

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Of course we hope the emphasis is on single. Who the hell wants a game where we only play paint ball all day and chat online about what actress is hotter.

Every once in a while I still want a story, emotion, some fantasy, some hero's and villains, some laughs and sadness, some platforming ,some cut scenes, a bit of RPG build up. You know some actual!!!!!!! friking leave this world go to another in a full story gaming. And AI

Open world is Ok but linear is not bad.

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Why is Star Wars Unleashed 2 getting so much praise from gamers and BS from reviewers, because Reviewers think everything should be open world and run at 12 frames per second but look good in a pic. That linear and pasted gorgeousness is fake. Even though (dont tell them) everything in a game is fake or illusion no matter what. The trick is making it look good and run smooth to seem real.

Nine 3hird party games out of GAMEFLOPS top 10 all linked to 360?

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What kinda of third grade rape me in the rear BS is that. Friking economy falling to death at the hands of Big US corps. And gamespot wants to give them a blowjob. Hope they get money for hoing it. Me though as a man Micro could give me 3 mill and I would not blow or bend. But I guess these little kiddies at gamespot have different morals.