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Goodbye World of Warcraft

After a whole summer and 2 months of playing World of Warcraft, i finally got over it. The game was fun while it lasted. Questing, Grinding, and the most fun, Ganking horde. Right when i hit 60 i started raiding and it was fun the first few times. after a while it got repetative and boring. Then my guild decide to disband and i did not feel like joining another raiding guild. i had nothing else to do in WoW, so i decided to sell the account to a former guildy. Now im spending the money on online sites buying new games and accessories for my DS lite =D

Nitendo DS Lite Onyx

Today i finally got my black Nintendo DS lite along with Mario Kart DS. I must say it is AMAZING. I used to own a PSP and I like my DS lite way better. It is fun to play with my friends at school and it is also fun to play it on WiFi. My Mario Kart DS friend code is 296434-826904 if anyone wants to play me =D

Finally Got World of Warcraft.

Yay, I Finally got World of Warcraft. After I got home from Best Buy  was so eager to play it. But then when I tried to register it said I need a Credit Card or Game Card. Knowing my stupid self I thaught that you could just play the 30 days free that they give you and then buy the Game Card. But I guess i was wrong. Well now i gotta wait till next week till I get to play World of Warcraft since I will be heading to Oregon for a retreat.