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Back In Black.

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Well, after a considerably long leave of absence, I have to decided to return once more to The gaming sanctuary that is gamespot, Good to be back.:D.

Help with a union

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If you want to be in a new union go in to the union secion of my profile and jion the southern union. thats all for now

cod4 match

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would anyone fancy a call of duty 4 xbox 360 match if you do leave a comment

Xbox Live

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If any of you have xbox live and have rooms for a friend then please send me an xbox live frined request.

P.S. Can you leave a comment with your gamertag

long tome no see

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long time no see, weel my pc broke so it had to be fixed and that took a while. alot happened these past months and i got the 360 finally. i got it for christmas and am really happy with it. What did you get for christmas


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I am sorry for not contacting my friends but i have been really busy and have restablished a love for nreverwinter nights and have also had to study for exams :cry:

C u

P.S. if u have neverwinter nights what is ur online name

i need ds games

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hey just wanted to know if u could pm me with some ds recommendations


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Hey i just wanted to say that I have started plying lemming psp again. Probably wont be able to put it down for months

c u dudes and dudettes:D

Some new but old games

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Hey, I recently got Gran turismo 3 a-spec and The lord of the rings the third age for the bargain price. I know these are older games but they are still very very good.

Well actually my big brother got the third age but he was to impatient for the turn based battle system so i traded it for king kong. I think i made the right choice. So anyway i am going to try to post one blog post a week. what games are you playing


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