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5 Years!!!

Five years and two days ago I signed up for an account on GameSpot! Alot has changed in five years and I look forward to the next five years.

Live from Orlando

I am in Orlando as type... well a litte outside Orlando really, for WM24. I had to wait a little too long for my hotel room to be ready, but they have internet in the rooms (I'm not using my own computer :D) so that makes it a little better.

WrestleMania XXIV

First of all let me get this out of the way, YAY! over four years on GameSpot!. That being said it has clearly been a while since my last blog post. But on to the point and no more wasting of precious time. It is now 10 days until I hop on a plane and go to a city that I have never been to before to watch a wrestling show around thousands (and thousands) of people I have never met. I'm not nearly as excited as I should be about it but that's probably because I've been fighting my bosses for a few weeks trying to ensure my vacation time. I am looking forward to some of the matches while others have me less impressed. But lets not forget that this is WM where the wrestlers pull great matches out of nowhere even though we thought there was no chance that they would even have a decent match. See ya there.

Already looking forward to Survivor Series.

So far only one match has been announced (well if you count Kennedy Challenging Taker that makes two). But it's already enough to make me want to buy the PPV. As you can tell I made myself a profile banner to celebrate team "Rated RKO" (which will be Edge, Orton, Helms, Nitro and Knox) and they will face "Team DX" (HHH, HBK, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and CM Punk).

TNA No surrender spoilers below

Well TNA signed Kurt Angle. I can't say I'm happy about him not being loyalto WWE, but I guess I'll be glad to see him wrestle again... and on a light schedule only working a handful of dates a month.

Derek Jeter will be MVP.

There I said it, Ortiz is down and Dye really doesn't deserve it in my eyes, which is why I say Jeter will be AL MVP the guy has kept the Yankees together the whole year despite numerous injuries and A-Rods less than steller year... and he's on pace for 100 RBIs.