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This not a blog entry.

lol Blogs. Why did I even start one? Totally not my style. :P Yet again im putting in a blog entry right now... Oh contradictions.

Although I like Chaos Angel's "Top 30Albums" thing he did awhile ago. I might do that.

Dont feel like making up a clever blog-post name.....

Hello! Long time no see. :P But ya, ill try to update my blog more than once every 2 months. :P Ok. Lets go over..... Mah report card!11!!1! But its 9th grade, there guaranteed (sp?) good. 8) Biology: 83 History: 90 French: 96 (see, I am good at french lancelot!) Gym: 100 (lol) Industrail Arts: 90 Geometry: 93 English: 94 Career Awareness: 99 GPA: 3.8 Im such a nerd. :P Well, other than random food fights, chatting about GY!BE with my French teacher, sucking at volleyball, and playing the hec k out of Fallout and Rock Band, nothing is really that exciting in my life. How sad. BE EXCITING. :P Oh, and for s**** and giggles, ill tag Cousin Eddy and Lancelot. Im out.

My Routers Up!

Unless you got a Wii, Nintendo DS and the internet. Theres really no reason to read ths blog post :lol: I got my router up and running yesterday and now I can play Nintendo Wi-Fi connection! Here are all my codes: DS: Mario Cart: 524140 618087 Metroid Prime Hunters: 030219 465745 StarFox Command: 274700 943090 Wii: Wii Number: 0696 6436 0836 8298 Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 3866 7913 9301 PM me so I can register you too! Im out......

Check out my GIMP Skillz 8)

I was bored so I made this:

Its my first attempt at any kind of photoshopping. so no bashin' :P

Its it good by any means? Plz comment!



On a unrelated note here are some purchases:

One of the three different vinyl album covers

F# A# (Infinity) LP - Godspeed You! Black Emperor

There are so many things wrong with this purchase :lol: 1. C'mon, its a LP! 2. I have the record on CD. The only reasons I got it was for all the goodies inside (train smashed coin FTW!) and, so i've heard, the tracks are different on the LP. Plus, I get the infamous locked groove on side 2. :D


The Eye of Every Storm cover

The Eye Of Every Storm - Neurosis


Skullgrid cover

Skullgrid - Behold... The Arctopus

Thanks for reading my blog :) . Im out......

Mez 1st Blog Post! :o

Ok, its 10:48 and I decided to start a blog. I dunno how much ill be posting.........or what to write lol. Stick around and wait for more! (I guess)