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And I would be the one...

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I'm in a good mood. This is rare. :-P

I'm super-duper busy with school and home stuff. But I think I may have gotten the beat I want for the newspaper next year (yay!!!) instead of something awful. Really, who wants to write about finance? Yeah, not me! I'm no Becky Bloomwood. I couldn't handle that. I'll post if/when I find out for sure.

Also, I just made editor for Molly Burnett's page. And I'm like the biggest Molly fan evar xD :))

Ooh! And Grey's Anatomy is on in T-1 hour!!! Stoked. Then Bones! Bones is new, right? I should look that up. Maybe it's not... Ah, well. I've been in Grey's withdrawal lately. I need more Calzona to survive.

And also had a great convo with my bestest bud last night. I shouldn't go into details on here, but it definitely made my night a heckuva lot better last night! Even if I did stay up watching awful infomercials and considered buying some weird stuff.

Bam. Idk what else to write LOL! Too good a mood to be writing anything deep - possibly anything coherent.

All I have to add is, my class needs to stop setting me up with this guy. Or trying to, anyway. I'm. Not. Interested. Yet they keep telling me I should date him? No thanks. What part of "I'm in love with someone who isn't at this school" doesn't make sense?

The end! xo

Please don't take him just because you can...

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Another title that has nothing to do with its blog.

Well... umm... Not much new here, I guess. Okay, I guess there probably is, considering last time I posted was like several months ago. *shrug* I don't do blogs much since twitter was invented.

I'm reading this horrible essay right now. Just finished "Public Pedagogy and the Politics of Neoliberalism: Making the Pedagogical More Political" and now I'm on "Terror: A Speech on 9/11". This is a funtiemz class, in case you can't tell. Also have a research paper to do. And a script. *sigh* I shouldn't be blogging OR tweeting.

Hmm, well I got blue hair. Not all of it. Just a section beside my right ear. Substantial amount of blue, but just enough that it's not crazy noticeable. :)

Still not sure what to be for Halloween. I wonder if it's too much of a cop-out to go as Kate DiMera from Days of Our Lives...She has blue hair...xD

In just under 2 weeks I leave for LA. I'm headed for Farscape/Stargate/Whedonverse Con and Day of Days. I heard you can really only stand in 2 lines at Day of Days, so I'm planning on seeing Molly Burnett & Casey Deidrick (and hopefully Mark Hapka) and then Lauren Koslow and whoever she's near. I already met Molly, Casey, and Mark but I want to see them again because they're awesome! Last time I saw Molly and Casey, they recognized me and were like waving and I got to chat with them a bunch. :) Awesome, since Molly's my absolute favorite! Also met Louise Sorel (Vivian), Crystal Chappell (Carly), Wally Kurth (Justin), James Scott [x2] (EJ), Alison Sweeney (Sami), Arianne Zucker [x2] (Nicole), Nadia Bjorlin [x2] (Chloe), Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip), Lindsay Hartley (Arianna), Galen Gering (Rafe), Eric Martsolf (Brady), Shawn Christian [x2] (Daniel), Shelley Hennig (Stephanie) and Justin Hartley (ok he wasn't on Days but he was on Passions and Smallville!). It's really cool watching the show once you've met so many of the actors. They're all amazing people!

Bought some new sweaters today. Probably not the best idea considering I'm like poor from university sucking away all my money.

Lots of family drama's been goin' down lately. So many relatives are sick... Including my dad. He goes for his second round of chemo on Monday :( Don't really feel like talking about it right now though.

Also have so much going down in my love life. Ugh. Stupid exes all want to get back together. Except I don't want to. So... Yeah. That's lovely and awkward.

Mkay well clearly I'm not that interesting today... O_o I think school sucked away all wit I may have previously had.

xo, Steph


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Hello turtles!

So what's new with all of you?

I pretty much just returned from the best vacation of my life. I went to Los Angeles and did pretty much everything and saw everything. It was wicked! I went to Santa Monica and Venice Beach, which were both awesome! I'm obsessed with Venice. I want to move there LOL! Perfect place. Well, except for the drugs... But if you ignore the pot, then everything is wicked. You can wear and do anything and people won't even blink! I just love that sense of freedom...

I also went all around Hollywood and saw the major landmarks and everything. My mom made us go on a tour, which made me feel very tourist-y... Not a fan. LOL. Saw a movie at the Chinese Theater, too. Also went to tapings of The Late, Late Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Craig Ferguson was the coolest! Just sayin'. And we witnessed a couple getting engaged on the show. :)

I got to go on studio tours as well. THAT was cool! We went to NBC and the WB on one day. At NBC we saw two Days of Our Lives actresses - Molly Burnett and Crystal Chappell. Crystal waved at us too :P The WB was wicked. We saw the sets from Gilmore Girls, The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. Soooo cool. Even got to sit on the Friends couch. Yeah, I'm a geek, but that was awesome.

Another day, we went around Universal Studios. We took the studio tour, saw a couple shows and rode a few rides. Loads of fun :) Then we went down the walk and saw a movie. I didn't realize it would be so awesome... It was just a last minute decision to go... I'm sooo glad we did!

We also went around Pasadena, which is beautiful. Sadly we got a bit lost trying to get to The Counter... :P I kinda did a food tour and went to all the restaurants that Molly Burnett has tweeted about. I went to The Counter twice, Granville cafe (AMAZING), zpizza...and just a few others that we came across. I will never eat a burger here and enjoy it quite the same again. But yeah, our maps didn't show all of the streets, so we walked. And walked. And walked. It took us like an hour when the map said we only had to go 3 blocks. LIES! It was all the way across town! It was fun, though :)

So what made the trip the most epic??? THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES EVENTS. You can read all about it here. (I run the WHR Drama site with WR_Systems, which just recently launched.) Cliff notes... I got hugs from so many of the actors. A ton of them recognized my twitter name - ValaBlack, btw - and were like "OMG! I totally know you!" I got to chat with Molly Burnett and Casey Deidrick a LOT, which was awesome because they're pretty much my favorites. Them and CC. :) Sooooo cool! Read about it if you have time. I can't even explain how amazing it was.

What else is new with my life? Short stories: my girlfriend pretty much sent me psycho messages and was freaking out at me. We broke up. Now she sends messages saying she hopes my plane crashes and crap. Wow. That was a mistake. But I met a cute boy who is in the Navy and he's totally amazing, so I'm kind of with him now. ;)

In the fall I'm starting a new school. Finally get to study what I want! Pretty sweet because they got a ton of applicants and only let in a few. Yay!

Okay, that's all I can think of now. I'm going to Boston with my friend McKenzie in August, which I'm stoked for. I can't wait for that! Hopefully that'll be as or more awesome :D

Picture of the Day:

Molly, Casey and Me

Quote of the Day:"ValaBlack, get your butt over here!" - Molly Burnett

Song of the Day:Then- Brad Paisley

Peace and Love!

xo Steph


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it's that time...yes...time for a new blog!

And also... 'm slightly kay a lot more than slightly... smashed. muah! booze!

I'ma regret ths in the mornning I'm sure but whatever Idcv :D

how areyou all... I'm in twitterjail so ... I mean...iss mty entertainment...

kay so I drank like...3/5 of the bottel bplus the neding of anoher bottle which made a shot and didn't water down or like reating cuz yeah that kills the buzz... id it awhile back and it killed sit so boooooo!

tell me about your lives now babies :D

oh ma girlfriend and I broke up and mow I miss her but I miss my best friend loads and loads and load and I love her soooooo mch... :(

kay happiness cuz for **** I don't wanna be a teary drunk.

kk love yo all i'ma go wash my face cz I'm prolly gonna pass ot :)

love love love you! xo



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My whole life has changed.

Cliff notes:

1) I'm in love. {{ I may as well just say it because I've already told a bunch of my friends and I hate keeping secrets. I'm in love with a girl. And she loves me. If anyone has a problem
with that, just don't even bother speaking to me. }}
2) My dad is sick :( He's doing somewhat better, but we won't know anything until we get the test results back - which won't be for awhile.
3) I still hate school. Look, something that hasn't changed!
4) I'm now a senior reporter for WHR. Love it :) Greatest job ever!
5) I'm back to being a soap junkie. Crystal Chappell swayed me back. Jessica Leccia helped. *snirk* I love Otalia. I love Venice. I love Days of Our Lives. :) Simple.

Mkay, like everything else has changed too, but I'm too tired to think of it. I also really want salt 'n' vinegar chips, so yeah, I need to go locate those.

Picture of the Blog:

Quote of the Blog:
"Can we just get back to our date?"
"Absolutely! But you are not coming home with me..."
"We'll see?"
--Ani and Lara, Venice the Series

Song of the Blog:Everything- Michael Buble


Crazy Daisy Weekend

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Figured I'd update my blog on my boring life. Well, okay, all but this weekend has been boring. Or depressing... My grandma died a couple weeks ago (sob) and then my mom got really sick, but she's mostly better now thankfully, and I just got out of midterms.

Anyway, this past weekend was EPIC EXTREME! Btw, I'm a reporter for now, so a more detailed report is to come.

I went to Farscape/Stargate Con in Los Angeles. First time ever in LA and I didn't leave the hotel! And I don't even care cuz it was still amazing. My inner geek flourished. Anyway, here's some highlights:

I chatted with Virginia Hey (Zhaan) for a reeeeaaaally long time. She talks a lot, but that's a good thing. She's very interesting! I fully enjoyed it. For realz, her, me and Meagan talked for over an hour. So cool!

I got to do interviews with a couple of the stars, which was awesome! I just wish I hadn't lost my voice because I was supposed to be the interviewer, but I couldn't speak loudly, so I had to switch to cameragirl.

I met Claudia Black again! And she remembered me! Not my name, but I really wasn't expecting that. I wasn't even expecting her to recognize me. I said "I met you at Polaris and it pretty much made my summer." She said thanks and without hesitation added "You cut your hair." Even my best friends barely noticed the change. I replied that I had dyed it and she said she loved the color (same as hers) and that it looked great and really suits me! Personally I thought it made me look like Wednesday Addams, but whatever, now I need to keep it. I'll never ever ever change my hair color ever again xD

And Ben and Claudia were SO good looking for their photo ops. And about everything else...

Shanks was awesome! He told me he loved my shirt, which said, "Where's my Daniel?" on it. And he hugged me for the op. I was like "SQUEEE!!!" afterwards.

Lani Tupu told me he hopes I feel better soon from my allergic reaction and Gigi Edgley wished me good luck on my midterm. She also personalized and signed the CD and comic I bought from her.

Wow, what else... I showed Paul Goddard the Farscape parody from Stargate SG-1 for the first time. As in, he'd never seen it before. He really liked it. And I can never touch my iPod again, as it has to be framed... :P

Eek... I can't believe I almost forgot... Meagan did karaoke with Sanctuary star Ryan Robbins. Actually they really hit it off. Here's the link.

Man, seriously, my brain is on such a high right now...

Oh! Claudia brought her kids to the con. Her oldest actually came onstage at one point. No pics were allowed once he removed his Batman mask and the whole audience complied because she deserves her wishes to be respected. Anyway, they were both adorable! It was very cool. I can actually say now that I played peek-a-boo with Claudia's youngest son (who was practically entranced by Meagan and I).

Also... I just met so many amazing people. So many awesome fellow Scapers. Everyone was so talkative and excited to be there! Great energy! Plus, so great to finally meet my CBO friends in person. Not all of them, sadly, but Matt, Carlo, Meagan and Jael. Shared a room with Meagan, too. She's awesome. They're all awesome. Ack. This whole thing was great!

I'll have a far more eloquent report by time I finish it for Wormhole Riders. xD

Hmm maybe I'll edit this later with pics and stuff but I gotta go!

Xoxox Steph

Summer Nights

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I thought I'd do my anual post (xD) and update all my lovely friends on here on what I've been up to lately. Since I know you're just dying to know :P

In June I took a screenwriting class. It was taught by Sheila Jenca, who will soon have a book out and is very close to having a produced screen credit. :). Just so you know to look out for her. She's very nice. And yeah, I got an A+ :D

Anyway, that's far less exciting than my July. All I can say is EPIC!!!

Let's start with Polaris 23 in Toronto. Yeah, I had to fly there and be an uber nerd but whatever because it was totally worth it. On Friday I shopped and shopped (seriously, bought 7 bags worth of action figures, cards, games, etc., in less than an hour!). I also attended a screening of Unending, because seriously, it's SG-1 and one of my fave episodes!! So obviously I couldn't miss it. Sadly I'm not 19, so I couldn't attend the Blastoff party :(:(

Then Saturday was amazing. I met Claudia Black!!!! She's basically my hero, in case you're unaware :P. She was so nice and we even had a bit of a conversation! :D So cool! And she asked for my name then told me she'd remember it. Then, I stood in line for 2 hours and finally got to meet David Hewlett. He was super nice and funny! There's a bit of a story to that one as well, but he was awesome. By then it was time for Claudia's panel, which was pretty much one of the best things I've ever attended. She was hilarious but also just a really cool person. I spent half the time thinking "OMG I'm in the same room as Claudia Black!!" :P. After which time, it was the photo ops with Claudia. All I can say is: SHE REMEMBERED MY NAME!!!! I had a bit of a nerdgasm afterwards and my inner-geek still explodes thinking of it!! :D. I wasn't even dressed the same! :O. Okay, so I met up with some people, chatted and looked around a bit before going back to my room to breathe. Then I went to David Nykl's panel, which was really actually very funny! Then... The Constellation Awards where I got to see Claudia win for Continuum and see David Hewlett, Kate Hewlett, Michael Hogan and a ton of other awesome people. It was epic!!

Shockingly still alive, Sunday was pretty awesome for me as well! My day started later than Saturday, though. I sadly missed the auction (and the opportunity to buy Vala's hair clip!)... So I went to David Hewlett's panel. H-I-LARI-O-U-S!! Seriously, I LOL'd the whole time! Plus, about half an hour in, it was totally crashed by David Nykl, who had a panel scheduled for the following hour. As if that wasn't epic enough, this woman approached the mic and I was like "Hey, she looks like... Nah... Maybe?" (I was sitting right next to the mic). And she was like "This is for David Nykl... How does it feel being the cool David on the show?" :P In case you didn't guess, the panel had then been crashed by Kate Hewlett. xD Excellent!! Basically I was already geeking out! I also got to ask Kate a question about her musical endeavors. :D. After that, I raced to David Hewlett's photo ops and he complimented my McKeller t-shirt :D. Then I raced up to get Kate Hewlett's autograph. I was a total idiot when I got to meet her but I figure the others made up for it :P

Okay, so that was my epic Polaris experience. I reported on the Claudia-related stuff for Claudia Black Online and my report can be found here . :D

On the following Monday, I got to meet up with my bestest friend foreverest! :D. Which was awesomeness extreme! I stayed with her in Toronto a couple days and she flew back here with me after, which was awesome. We've been between her house and mine ever since we got here (she still hasn't sold her house here). But yeah so it's been amazing seeing her!

Her birthday is tomorrow and I'm very excited because I've got a bit of a surprise planned for her. :D. I'm setting it up tomorrow with one of my friends, but yeah. My parents and I are going to dinner with her and her parents. Friend stuff will be on the weekend. :). She's spending the night at her house for family time and that's why I have time to post on here.

Now for the sad news. My grandmother is sick and has been in the hospital for almost a week now. She's not expected to live all that long :( :( :( . /cry. I know she wants to go and is in a lot of pain now but...still, it's very sad. She's in a wheelchair and she can't eat solid foods. She's also got dimentia (sp?) so she often asks about her sister, who has been dead for almost 14 years, and thinks I'm just a small child. :( :( :(

Also, I have to get my wisdom teeth out in August :(

Now am off to make a new banner and such.

Picture of the blog:

(Me and Claudia talking while she did autographs!)

Quote of the blog: "Again with the cookie monster!" – Aeryn Sun, Farscape

Song of the blog: Heavely Peach Banquet - Monkey

Peace and love to all!

Xoxox Steph

The saddest song that she'd ever heard

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Hello people!

I have some exciting news, some sad news and some just plain pathetic news...

Firstly, the exciting stuff. I got to meet Jewel Staite!! She's like one of my favorite actresses ever, just behind Claudia Black. I met her this weekend after she did a panel and got my pic with her, as well as an autograph. Even talked for a minute with her, which was sooo cool!! Anyway, all the panels are on YouTube for anyone interested (my username is treehillbabe_xo ... Not that different). It was pretty awesome. I geeked out all weekend from it!!!

Second, I was baptized last Sunday (the 26th). :D So that's incredibly exciting!!! I'm very happy I was finally. :D

Third, I'm out of exams!! So I have a whole month off :D After that, I have a month long class for screenwriting. I'm looking forward to that. It's being taught by a member of the screenwriter's guild and she's won awards and such. Which is awesome. And only 15 kids in the whole school got in and I was one of them!!

Fourth, the sad news. I'm upset cuz my best friend is going to be in Iran for the next month and I'm not going to be able to talk to her at all :'( As if her living across the country wasn't bad enough!

Fifth, the pathetic news. I got a terrible grade in geology. Seriously, it was depressing. I actually cried a little on the exam because it was so hard! Honestly, I didn't even know some of the scientific names they used, let alone what period in which they first appeared. Heck, I couldn't even tell if they were one-celled organisms, fish, animals or plants!

Which reminds me, we're seriously all decended from reptiles?! How weird is that?!

Ohh, totally nerded out this weekend and bought tons of geeky stuff. It was amazing. My room is filled with SGA, SG-1, Firefly and Farscape stuff. Too bad Farscape stuff is so hard to find now... :( Oh well, gotta love that show! Seriously, Claudia Black and Ben Browder have amazing chemistry! And the whole show was sooo clever!!

Anyway, that's my little update for now. For a more frequently (as in like 100 times more frequently) updated blog, visit

Picture of the Day:

Quote of the Day: "Shooting makes me feel better!" - Aeryn Sun, Farscape

Song of the Day: Just a Dream - Carrie Underwood

Xoxox Steph

Well, what's new with you??

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I couldn't think of a good title, so as it is, I'm trying to come up with one as I write.

So I'm in the middle of putting off my paper for Women's Studies. It's an okay topic, but I'm just not impressed with my writing. I feel like I'm too rambly and I'm not making sense. My mom read what I've got so far minus what I wrote in class today and Wednesday (which was another 2 pages) and she said it was good... I don't know, though. I'm not convinced. Apparently my prof is notorious for only giving A's to students who talk all the time in class and I'm pretty quiet.

Just have to mention, can you really blame me for being so quiet?? The class is about minority groups and the only 'marginalized' group I belong to is the female one. Besides that, I'm white, straight, two straight parents who are still married and alive, etc. etc. See? And believe me, no one in my class takes you seriously unless you're part of some sort of minority... *sigh*

Did I mention what my paper is about?? I'm talking about the portrayal of women in Stargate: SG-1 using Vala and Sam as my studies. Sadly, I have to criticize the show, but I still love it, and I hope that love comes through in the final project... At least I got to just watch the show as a good portion of my research!

Ooh! I also got two new editorships!! My two favorite people!! Claudia Black (Vala, Stargate: SG-1) and Jessica Lowndes (Adrianna, 90210). :) Also, note the new banner.

By the way, if you like SG-1, please read my new fanfiction !! It's only a one-shot and it's purely for fun. No serious stuff :P

Mmm kay, well I think this is long enough for now. I have 2 midterms to study for once I'm done my paper. Stupid prof randomly made my geology midterm Monday, when it was supposed to be Wednesday!! Grr...

Random Picture of the Day:

They are so cute!!

Quote of the Day: "I will call him Squishy, and he will be mine. And he will be my squishy." - Dorrie, Finding Nemo (lol sorry, I call my cat Squishy because of this - you'll see the relevance to this quote if you read the fanfiction)

Song of the Day: Groovy - Paul Goddard feat. Claudia Black

Hope everyone is well!!

Hugs and kisses,


I Just Wanna Fly Away

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So I decided it was time for my annual blog (lol). I realized just how much has happened in my life lately and I thought I would share it with you. No, I haven't gotten married or had a baby or anything (although seriously, I've had some crazzy baby dreams lately).

First, let's start with the fact that I now have near-black hair. I say "near" because it's actually really really dark brown with a red base. I love it, though. It's also really short (just above my shoulders) compared with how it use to be. I did it as part of an "outrageous acts" assignment for Women's Studies 201. I'm actually on a break from writing about it. I'm almost done too.

The other bit of news is that I've decided that I shall no longer hate people as a whole, and have decided to embrace that whole "love thy neighbor" thing. It's really working, too! I'm much happier and feel lighter. It's weird - hard to describe.

Oh, and I've managed to go to church every week so far this year and I hope to keep it up. Every other year, I've failed by now. I think it's because I really like the church I'm going to now! It's awesome. I'm still working on getting baptised, and I think I want to get it done there. The only other place that would be good is the church I went to as a child with my friend, Amanda.

Well other stuff has been going on, but rather than bore you with that, I will inform you of my Women's Studies class. First of all, I have the most stereotypical WMST prof! She only wears overalls, no bra (which is painfully obvious), no make-up, unplucked eyebrows and a crew cut! It's amazing! :-P. Anyway, Leah told me that as my act, I should dress up like a housewife from the fourties - apron, dress, ringlets, etc. and say things like "Women shouldn't have the vote because we're not as smart" and you know, everything that contradicts the course. My mom vetoed it, but I still thing it would have been hilarious watching everyone develop facial tics and anyrisms. ;-)

Oh, I also made a new video! I made a few, actually, but this one is about Adrianna from 90210 set to Crying Blood by Cander. Click here to watch.

Picture of the day:

Quote of the day: "Well, then might I suggest a more liberal interpretation of the agreement? For example, 'sanctuary' could mean anything from a delightful tropical paradise to a lifetime's imprisonment in one of this planet's more unpleasent penal facilities." - Vala Mal Doran, Stargate: SG-1

Song of the day: Goodbye - Jessica Lowndes

Xoxox bye