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It was my birthday...two days ago!

I turned 22! Nothing special at all really. I just spent time with my girlfriend, went swimming, and just had an overall relaxing day. She got me a lot of gifts which I named off in my last blog. I figured I would update on some of the games I have played recently since I have nothing else to do.


3DS games

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles - The game got a lot of bad reviews, and I can definitely see why. The game is repetitive, every mission feels similar, almost everything looks bland, and the game dialogue is pretty bad...but I still like it a lot. Something about killing hundreds of people on a battlefield with a sword is satisfying. 


Paper Mario: Sticker Star Saga - Love it, absolutely love it. The game is brilliant, witty, smart, charming, and loads of fun. The story might be paper thin, but honestly that doesn't even matter for this game just because how much fun it is makes up for everything. Nintendo definitely brought back Paper Mario in a good style and at the perfect time.



PC games

Rogue Legaacy - A Fantastic game to the metroidvania style, and an even bigger homage to the games of the 80's and 90's. The game is balls-to-the-wall hard, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. The pleasure you get for actually find a stone, finding blueprints for weapons and armor, getting enough cash for upgrades, defeating a tough as nails boss, the game just feels fantastic. 


Awesomenauts - Steep learning curve is definitely a bit off putting, but is definitely a fun game to play once you get the hang of it. It's basically a MOBA type game, but on a 2D field with platforming. Definitely something you should try out if you're tired of LoL, DOTA2, or HoN.



That's really all I've played lately, but it's been keeping me pretty happy on the gaming front.


OH YEAH! Just incase you want to get me a late birthday gift, Steam has a major summer sale going right now and there's plenty of games on my wishlist. ;) 


Steam ID: knighttraviis



Two new 3DS games!

So today my girlfriend went ahead and gave me my birthday presents early! She got me...


Cardboard Minecraft Steve head

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles

3DS Castlevania hard shell case

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Saga

A Mewtwo figurine

Some Pokemon cards

A Phantom Hourglass Link plush

A Mew plush

A new motherboard

A Devil May Cry 4 Nero pendant keychain

MegaMan car decal sticker


That's all I can remember right now, there might be something else, but I don't remember. Needless to say, my girlfriend is pretty great. :)


Games completed this year

-Soul Blazer (SNES)

-ActRaiser (SNES)

-DmC: Devil May Cry (PC)

  • DLC - Vergil's Downfall 

-Red Faction: Armageddon (PC)

  • DLC - Path of War

-Resident Evil 6 (Leon and Chris's campaign) (PC)

-Devil May Cry 2 (UGHHHH, Xbox 360 HD Collection)

- Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate (3DS)


Not a whole lot really considering most of these games were pretty short. My favorite two games I completed on this list are Soul Blazer and ActRaiser, the much older games. I'm slowly becoming a huge fan of the developer Quintet for making games like those.


Anyway, the reason I've been playing some older games I have is because my PCI-E slot on my motherboard went bad, so any new gen games I have for PC I cannot run...and I am too cheap to buy a new motherboard right now. :P I have a Ps3, but I never touch it and finished all of the games I own for it a year ago back when I bought it. I might borrow my girlfriends 360 again to finish Gears of War 3, but in all honesty I'm happy just playing my Super Nintendo right now. I've had a retro gaming itch for a while now, so this is the perfect time to get my fix.

Why Soul Blazer is so good


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Soul Blazer came out in 1992 in Japan, North America, and had a late release date in 1994 in Europe. It is the third game to be developed by Quintet, and is the first game in the Soul Blazer trilogy. While technically Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma aren't a real trilogy, they share so many overtones, similar themes, and other things that basically make them one.

The game starts you out by letting you name your character and throws you into a world that has been taken over by an evil spirit named Deathtoll who has incarnated the worlds animals and population into monsters. It is up to you, a deity, who was sent down by "The Master" to rid the world of Deathtoll and turn population back into what they really are and ultimately bring down Deathtoll. The plot sounds simple, but it goes deeper than that. You see, these are overtones of god (The Master) sending you (an angel) to rid the world of a devil (Deathtoll). When I first pieced this together it blew my mind, seriously! IT GAVE ME COLD CHILLS BECAUSE OF HOW UNIQUE THIS IS FOR ITS TIME. From what I have read, pretty much every game for the SNES from Quintet is similar to this, and that is totally badass and pure awesomeness in my book.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"Soul Blazer, the epic hero"


The way this game plays out is your standard zelda-esque game. You swing your sword and use magic to kill enemies, that is really how simple the gameplay is, and it's great. I love that they didn't try to out do Nintendo's flagship titles, instead they came up with their own ideas to make the game unique. How did they make the gameplay unique you ask? Well, everytime you kill a certain amount of one enemy type a portal opens and when you step on it you bring back a person or animal back to life in the dungeon you're at. The thing that makes this even more unique is that certain people you bring back will have a fully fleshed out backstory so you can connect to them. This is a great way that gives the game more depth and just overall more enjoyable. Sure, the bosses are a good challenge, and slashing at enemies over and over until they're dead feels rewarding, but none of that would be nearly as enjoyable if the people you saved barely had any emotional impact at all.


Just the overall feeling of how complete this game is just makes you feel happy playing it. The gameplay, the characters, the depth, the immersion, the leveling, the pacing, the emotions, the overtones, the level design, the bosses, the challenge, it's just all wrapped into a fantastic game that I will never forget. 


It's sad that this game was overlooked when it came out in North America and Europe, but it's not that surprising. At the time Squaresoft were king, while anything published or developed by Enix was shoved into obscurity for the most part. A lot even looked at this game and just saw it as a Zelda clone, but that is far from the truth in almost every way other than the fact that you swing a sword at enemies. No, this game IS an action-JRPG. I think it has more in common with Final Fantasy than it does with Legend of Zelda, but that's just my opinion. Some people might see it the other way around, and that is perfectly fine.


As soon as I finish Soul Blazer I'm going to boot up Illusion of Gaia because I cannot wait. I gave Illusion of Gaia a try a few years ago, but I was too young to really care much about it and thought it had "bad graphics"....ugh, my younger self was stupid. The game actually looks pretty good on the good ole' SNES.


I know this was a lengthy blog, but I really just had to say why I love Soul Blazer so much.