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Crunch time!

First blogpost in forever! Deleted all my older dumb shit. New clean slate.

I'm at the end of my 3rd year in college, studying Games and Experience Technology. And it is crunchtime! 30 days left until deadline to hand in my thesis :shock:
My thesis is about the use of Allusion in videogames and how they affect the player. Interesting as hell! Actully is! Truth!
Anyway, beside of all the wirting going into the thesis I had to create a production to test out some of my assumtions. I am still not done producing the production... f*ck me...

But I'm hard at work at it. Its a small game, made in unity. First Person Adventure tyoe game.

Anyway, I hope to have it done withing the next week so that I can do some testing the week after that and finally write the shit out of that thesis paper. All while also making a 3rd person platform game...