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it has been some time

hey everyone sorry its been so long for those of you still reading. i have been gone for so long because i have been having some rough times. but im almost better just have to get another car now. some good things have happened to me mainly bad but i have started a second job and im about to go to that job now here shortly so ill elaborate later probably wednesday because i have the 311 concert tomorrow night woot!:P:D


YaY its thanksgiving. i dont even care about the real meaning i just wanna eat me some turkey and drink a beer.

YaY i got a new emblem

its about time i finally got a new emblem if only u could put all ur gamertags for people to see cause i have multiple tags with thousdands of points on each one..


so wow i hope im not the only one who is excited for the new max payne movie that is coming out!!! but pretty much in my opinion mark walbergh or however u spell his last name is really a great actor. and i pretty much have liked everything he has been in i like. and really just the idea of thatgame being a movie gets me excited. not in a bad way tho. but now that i think about it max payne never even crossed my mind but now i think about it and it seems like it should definetly be a movie. post up let me know what u think!!!!


this is **** these muther **** and there spamming **** i might have been gone a while but when i came back today i read my messages!! luckily there was only one spam but i know that there will be more coming!! those butt nuts and there hey come check me out on this site blah blah blah!!! damnit this site didnt have any that i have ever seen but thats gay!!:cry:

ive got pictures up of my car!!

well i got some pics up of my firebird!! i am in a rush because i just took them and i have to leave for work but i will put pics of the interior up when i get home from work so enjoy if they work!!

wow having a sweet car rocks!!

now after a very long time i finally have a car again!!! and on top of that i got a 1998 firebird that is now tricked out and runs amazing!! its in such great shape. the only bad thing about my new car is that it bottoms out a lot cause it only sits like 4 inches off the ground!! ill upload some pictures in a lil minute but im so happy now that im im doing good again. well i gotta go but ill be back before u know it with pictures of it!!

wow not having a car BLOWS

wow it definetly sucks not having a car now! well the last time i tried to go do drugs it was raining and i hit my brakes hard and slid into the back of another car!! her car had like nothing wrong with it and my car was totaled! i had to drive it like 5 miles to get to a safer neighborhood to wait for my dad to pick me up and wait for the tow truck driver!!! it sucked but i havent touched it since then and i never will!! but other than that life is going great!! how is everyone???:P;)

its been a while!! holla back

hey everyoneits been so long since i have been on!!! i wanna hear from my peeps if there are any left!! but i have really been enjoying being i love my life, my job, my everything since i have been clean!! i gotta hear from you guys and gals!!! well thanks for keeping up with me those of you who still do!!

Hows everyone doing??

hey hows everybody doing? i havent been on in a while just seeing how everyone is doing!! i have been working again a lot more than earlier but still some poopy weather here and there!!! well have a good day!:P:D