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Yes please - bigger and better

Fish making imporvements

Yes, yes, yes. We need the next generation of consoles. Why? 4 reasons;

1. Next generation consoles, like all the ones before , will help people achieve more than they ever dreamed of.

2. They will be great for the industry as improved security innovations associated with the next generation of consoles will slow down counterfeiters .

3. They may help developers get some decent innovative games that I would like to play published.

4. Progress is human. You cant stop it so you may as well embrace it.


We dont know it yet but the next generation of consoles will help someone to achieve something they never thought they could do.

Remember when the ipad came out and we were all scratching our heads wondering what to do with it? Well, my dyslexic niece can now read and write and problem solve better than she or her parents ever thought possible thanks to the ipad.

Me? I never thought it possible to lose 10kg but with the Wii Fit, I romped that achievement in.

The introduction of the next generation of consoles will be a community service, enabling who knows what innovation to help people achieve dreams.


New consoles will also be great for the sometimes struggling industry. No doubt new consoles will have far superior security protocols making it more difficult for the counterfeiters, jail breakers and other thieves to steal profits that should be enjoyed by developers, publishers and retailers. It is a never ending war in this industry and new hardware technology is the heavy artillery.


Talking about heavy artillery, enough all ready. I am sick of COD 3, Halo 4, Assassins Creed 953 etc, etc, etc. Maybe new consoles will enable developers to make more games like Portal 2, 999, Zelda, Professor Layton, Scribblenauts, Mario Kart, Harry Potter Lego, Rooms, Secret Files 2 and Ghost trick. The Wii and the DS enabled me to play games that did not require me shooting people while banning the kids from the room to protect their innocent little minds.

Maybe the new generation of consoles will mean less shooter games? I can but dream (and my rant has finished).


Just like you cant stop people from dreaming, you cant stop the human compulsion to innovate and improve.(Thank goodness for that, I am not sure whether I could live in a cave and subsist on those ancient, tough grains). Hence, you may as well embrace it. Humans are always going to want to progress, try new things, invent. Getting all hot and bothered about it just causes high blood pressure, annoyed family members and wastes precious time. Just get over it and get on board.


So, while I may not be the first to purchase a PS4, I will definitely not be one of the last. Some game or ground breaking service will be introduced on the Wii U and PS4 and I will be hammering down my local retailers door in a mad rush.

Gee I love living in this innovative era.