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127 hours...

just saw the movie 127 hours with james franco and let me say that it is possibly the most inspirational movie ever made on the face of this planet and that i reccomend it to everyone. it was so sad and touching and it's a true story which makes it all that much better, wow very sad though :( go see it now!!

Down With Webster

buying tickets to go see their concert on March 5th at the Burton Cummings theater in Winnipeg, super excited!! ground floor

YouTube 2

pretty far through my account on YouTube now, i currently have 10 videos uploaded so if you care to watch them just go to TimeisMoney164 channel.


Hey I just finished making a youtube account and a video, currently finished a top 30 list of my favourite video's only part 1/3 though, my channel is TimeisMoney164 so subscribe if you would like.

My all time favourite games (not in any order)

uncharted 2- funnest story i have ever played out of all the games i've played, and amazing multiplayer

call of duty modern warfare 2- what else do i have to say...

call of duty black ops- pretty much the same as MW2 but with new guns, new story, and some of the best online game modes ever created! (gun game if I might add)

guitar hero warriors of rock- best GH engine to date, and best graphics to date, the quest though far fetched is yet very catchy and fun

playstation move sports champions- extremely well done with the motion sensing and extremely addicting

batman arkham asylum- best superhero game to date!

heres some other games i have to at least mention and give some props to...

mass effect 2

fable 3


rock band 2

lost planet 2

red dead redemption

just cause 2

halo reach


bad company 2


call of duty world at war

dead rising 2

left for dead 2

gran turismo 5

star wars the force unleashed 2

and the list goes on....

deff. pre-orders

uncharted 3

batman arkham city

gears of war 3

mass effect 2

mass effect 3

upcoming guitar hero or rock band games?

dead space 2

little big planet 2

metal gear solid rising

battlefield 3

spec ops the line

resistance 3

about me

here is just a little bit about me...

my fav. bands are avenged sevonfold, rise against, Disturbed,metallica, bullet for my valentine, 30 seconds to mars, ozzy ousborne, iron maiden, sum 41, blink 182, the all american rejects, green day, nickelback, linkin park, slipknot, billy talent, fall out boy, rage against the machine, and as for rap i love eminems music!

my fav. games to date are, uncharted 2, god of war 3, COD modern warfare 2, MAG, madden NFL 11, soon to be NHL 11, kane and lynch 2, rock band 2, and all guitar hero games, backbreaker, batman arkham asylum, soon to be batman arkham city, transformers war for cybetron was pretty good, assasins creed 2, soon to be assasins creed brotherhood, soon to be brink, soon to be spec ops the line, AVP, and soon to be mafia 2

my fav. systems are the PS3 then the 360, dont really like the Wii....

my gamertag is toxiehead and thats for the PS3 feel free to add me!

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