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Soon To Be Mine

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Been saving up Im really excited as soon as Im done with this deployment Ill be buying this baby in CASH

69 Camaro

Back online

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I just got internet at my first base its pretty sweet I'm in the airforce as a crew chief for the kc-135 and I'm enjoying it. Right now im just saving up my money for a second car and buying games here and there well thats it for now i just felt that i should update this if anyone wants to add me im on steam xrambo62xand my new profile name is UndeadCarnifex



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Well guys I joined the Airforce I'm just waiting to ship out Nov. 29th I've already sworn in so as of Tuesday July 26 I am officially in the United States Airforce

Add Me

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Xbox live - xRambo62x

Every game i play i use the gamertag Rambo62

if you got xfire add me- rambo162