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aight so i got realy lazy, dont post...dont read.....dont blog....just look at the pictures lol

so i guess whats new is....

1- bought the game lost odeysy....pretty decent

2-army of two.....prwetty fun (online co-op) but very short

3- rockin out on rockband and gh3....gettin kinda good.....i think

4-started playin wow....a week later stoped

5-got realy lazy

6-well i love macaroni!

life pretty good....finaly furnished my appartment completly....i love turning in circles...make time go by faster

okay i got no clue what else...uummmm drink up and have fun i guess!

what game would you want?

if theres one game you would make a (with todays graphic and multy player system) remake from the nes,super nes, playstation,sega,coleico vision(lol),

any game made! witch one would you bring back and why?

for one id bring back final fantasy 7

why...probably cuz i watched the movie yesterday...maybe because of the messed up (but good) story line or the fact that i at least play this game minimum once a year!

wich one would you choose?

look here!

i just got my ring of death a week ago...right after buyin orange box...damn it pist me off!

but i got my mail in box today..all thats left is mailing it back to microsoft (thank god they extended their warranty for 3 years)

but now im in the middle of moving to a new bigger appartment....for me to afford that i need more workin hours.... but now i cant even play my 360.

i was checkin out videos on youtube and saw this video about how to make a beer pong table....and what do you gonna build one! sometimes i just disapoint miself.

oh the girlfriends birthday is comin up...the 27th to be exact...if you guys wabba come (and dont mind buyin a airplane ticket the french province of canada) your welcome...since im movin out the 31...and the 27 is party i dont care at all about the noise complaints.

and now were gfonna shoot our new episode of drinkin in love (were at the forth one).

some guy made me watch 2girls1cup...if ur into funky busyness and have a strong it! and hope u never go back again...i know i wont!

well now im just talkin to make me stay awake since i dint sleep at all this night and its now 5am and i cant fall asleep or ill loose my day what am i gonna do a beerpong table! and then play with my turtle! i love my turtle! i just bought him a fat tank for just a single turtle...hope it gets big and eats burglars....u know...u can bypass a dog...but no one screws with a giant turtle!

wow this blog is slowly fading im back! im bored! and i just drank 5 cups of cofee and 2 energie drinks (monster). well anywho chopchopchilio

see ya later

some hero.

i bought halo 3 on lauch like evryone else but i have to aint that good. the coop play is fun with buddies, jokin around,gettin serious,having fun. But when you play alone the game just gets dull.

online is fun if ya dont get pawned right at the start (havent ever played online with halo 2)

anyway all this just to say that it wasent worth gettin up early for this game....

new member

well we just got our second cat....but for some reason...i have to name her.

so anyone got ideas for a female black cats name? shes kind shy but very playful with my other cat...

man i suck at naming things lol

dint even nhave to pre order

well i work at the source by circuit city...and out of nowhere we got copies of halo 3! lol too bad i dont like the game that much....but its just to say that the game is in....and well....i can have i copie without waiting in line for hours lol