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How to keep up?

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I just CAN NOT,and I repeat,CAN NOT keep up with game requirements.Every couple of months I upgrade my PC or at least some of the parts,but few months later that is a bit old.Every day a new game comes out that my PC can not support and if I really want to play that game,I have to change something.I am peaceful for a bit but then the story repeates.I upgrade again and we run in the circle.First 1GB of RAM,then 2GB,my graphic card is old,then I have 256MB graphic card but new drivers can not help me becouse I need latest card with newer technology that is also 256MB,and so on and so on.They are trying to make hell of my life.Maybe I would be better of with some gaming console that you buy once and use for couple of years,until new one comes out.No hardware updates,no software updates,no nothing.Just get the game and start playing.But then again I like to use my keybard and mouse to play.I am not use to playing with gamepad or something.Yes,I use it on same games,like sports...No,only can not play a good shooter or RPG with your gamepad.You need a keyboard and a mouse.So,I will stick with my fatefull PC.But sometimes it feels like I am spending my pay on hardware updates.It just makes me so mad I want to scream!!!Now I feel a bit better.How do you feel about it?