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@serpentmage36 said:

It happens. You can only get so far in Destiny before you need other people to help you.

haha and there is my problem. I'm at that point now with my main and little to no people to play with. So now I'm at a "welp, what now" point.

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I didn't know about either of those. thanks.

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@mdk12345 said:

I thought his name was Rick cuz he looks like a Rick. I forgot his name was Joel, he doesn't even look like a Joel. Should have been named Rick. Like Rick Grimes.

Obviously the game didn't have as big of an impact on you as you say it did. How did you not remember his name! They said it a million times throughout the game, and being that the game has been out as long as it has you should have heard it a million times elsewhere. I never played the ps3 version, but before I bought and purchased the ps4 I could at least tell you his name was Joel.

Epic fail.

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So I purchased Destiny and I leveled up a hunter to level 26 and then kind of got board. I wanted to do the first Raid, but at my level and lack of friends with a PS4 was never able to find people to commmit doing it with me....and since then I have kind of fallen off of the Destiny excitement train. I loved the game when I played it, and have the season pass so I want to go back and experience the DLC and such since I paid for it but I'm having a hard time bringing myself to do it. Maybe I'll roll a new character and see if playing it a new way will spark excitement again. Has anybody else had this feeling?

If so would anybody want to roll an alt with me tonight. Maybe get 3 hours or so in as a group? If so my PSN is topher78714, shoot me a friend invite. If I can get one or two other people to play with I plan on playing from like 7-10:30 or 11 tonight just to see how high of a lvl I can get my alt (sadly I have to work early in the morning or I would go longer).

Anybody interested?

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So with a new year and the holidays having past, what is everybody currently playing, looking to start playing, and looking forward to in 2015.

Personally I just wrapped up Dragon Age: Inquisition (may do another run through in the future) and so I'm now going to dig more into Far Cry 4 and Daganrompa 2 on the Vita.

I am also considering playing Lords of the Fallen because I hear it is a little more forgiving dark souls and with bloodborne coming out I may want to try an "easier version" to see if I will like blood borne...I never played the souls games and so I'm wondering how Lords of the Fallen is in comparison.

for 2015 I am looking forward to Uncharted 4, and the Witcher 3.

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@killerk1ng: I think that looks like a great bundle, and those games in there if you haven't played them yet should last you a good amount of time. 100% go for it.

As far as games that you have listed:

if you are a ratchet and clank fan and want to relive the "glory days" go for it. I liked the old games, but going back to them for the third time was enough for me...but they do hold up well and brought back good memories.

Sadly Killzone is one of the few I haven't played, but I heard okay things about it.

I liked lego hobbit, but I like the lego games. I didn't play that one on Vita, but I did play it on another system and liked it a lot....but it is a lego game and if you didn't like the other lego games you may not like this one even with the topic of choice.

Here are my personal recommendations:

Persona 4 the will put a TON of hours into this and it an amazing game. I 100% recommend if you like RPG games. I you haven't played any of the persona games, they are very deep and may take some time for you to understand the mechanics, but it is by far the best game on the system in my opinion.

If you like visual novels (think things like Ace Attorney) where gameplay is second to story, get Daganrompa and then get Daganrompa 2. Both are fantastic games and have a long story so you get your money's worth.

I also love the binding of isaac rebirth, but I'm an old school zelda and rogue like fan and this feels very familiar to me. Great game and different experience every time.

Digaea games are always good, but again very long and complicated if new to the series...but still good games if you can give it the time it needs to grasp the mechanics.

and finally any of the Tell Tale Games (Walking dead, etc.).

Hope that helps, and happy playing!

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Here are my thoughts as a PSP, PSP Go, Old Vita and slim Vita owner:

100% buy the PSP slim if you can afford it. It is a great system with a great catalog of games. Sure there are a TON of "AAA" titles out there, but the system has a ton of pick up and play games that keep me occupied for HOURS (aka person 4, daganrompa, daganrompa 2, etc.). Yes like any system you will probably hit a point where it collects dust for a little, but what is great is that it is VERY easy to come back to and with PS+ there are always reasons to pick it up and at least try the games offered, because it is free and you never know what you will become addicted to. Yes the memory cards are WAY over priced, but again IMO bite the bullet and pay for the largest size if you can afford it and then take advantage of the digital game downloads on PS+ and such without running out of space. If you have any questions about any of the games or anything else vita related, don't hesitate to shoot me a message on her or PSN (topher78714). I've played most of the major vita releases and can help you find some that may be of interest to you. But glad to see you considering it!

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@mdk12345 said:

I've seen some newer Dying Light gameplay. It still is one of the better looking next gen games, but I don't think it looks as good as it was demonstrated last year. And maybe they used the PC graphics since it is a multi plat game.

Which reminds me of Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs blew me away, but when I saw it on the console, I was dumbfounded.

I'm starting to think that my motivation to get more PS4 games was not my original motivation to get the PS4. Most of the games don't look as good they originally demonstrated. I'm pretty sure Uncharted 4 will look decent. But I have to say it, I feel like we are behind in 2014. Sure PS4 looks much better than PS3 by now, but what I saw in the original demonstrations from Dying Light and Watch Dogs blew me away. But now they seem scaled down.

Because of this, I see less reasons to buy the game in the first week or month. Do you feel the PS4 is underpowered? What if they had waited another year?

Okay, I'm going to just put this out there for you since all you talk about is graphics and how important that is to you with EVERY post of yours. So let's just clear this up. If you want the best graphics, the fastest load times, and free internet gameplay...get a very high end PC. Consoles aren't meant to be super graphic powerhouses. They are meant to be boxes with good (not high end PC quality, but more of the sightly above average pc quality) specs. Games aren't meant to be looked at solely for graphics, but the overall game play and what you take away from them. For example, assassin's creed unity is a BEAUTIFUL game. The level of detail that went into some of the smallest things is mind blowing.....BUT the game isn't good IMO (still buggy for me). However games like FEZ, Transistor, Child of Light, Journey, Bastion, Ni No Kuni, etc. (although IMO all of those games look great for what they are meant to be) aren't the most graphically demanding games, but stick with you due to the complete package. My suggestion to you MDK12345 is to save all this money on games that you complain about multiple times a day saying how disappointed you are, and use that money to buy a high end PC and install Steam...that will fix all of your problems.

Now if you are like the remaining 99% of us here that understand that the PS4 is still a very strong living room box, that has the capability to put out great games designed and created by studios that we trust and want to see more coming from sometimes at the expense of not having the same graphics as the PC counterpart then we are happy to have an intellectual conversation about it. You constant negativity about games is astounding to me. Sit on a couch, put on some gaming headphones, turn on your PS4 and actually try to have fun with a game. Stop being so critical about "well it is 2014 why can't the graphics be better," because that will get you nowhere. If you hate your PS4 this much and what seems to be every game you have ever bought for it, sell it so somebody who maybe can't afford a brand new system can pick it up and actually be happy with the quality of work being produced. Now excuse me while I get off this site and play the graphically unimpressive but amazing Daganrompa 2.

PSN: topher78714

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My wife typically enjoys games that she can play with me or have a good story. I recommend games like the new tomb raider and temple of osirus game, or even any of the Telltale games (tales from the borderlands, walking dead, etc.). Maybe even things like Resogun that she can pick up, play for a little, then walk away from.

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I haven't completed the purchase yet, but as of now I haven't had any problems with that. I've purchased another game with no issues. Where are you running into the problem?