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1st Completed Game of 2011

yay another sports game...just so happens ive been doing a lot of sports gaming this week and honestly im just getting a few out of the way

2011 Completed

NCAA Football 07 (360)

2011 Beaten

Call of Duty Finest Hour (Ps2)

Fifa 09 (Ps3)

next game im focusing on is FF VII crisis core on the psp so far its great and am really enjoying it about 6 hrs in but not too far

Two Beaten Games

1) Finished Call of Duty Finest Hour...ended up doing the last mission on my first try tonight after struggling all night yesterday...hate when that happens

2) fifa 09...actually beat this earlier this month but never posted it...will be completing it pretty soon...backloggery is down to 92% unfinished games yay me

January 18 Update

Had a busy few days here so I havent had time to play much...I did complete 1 goal and fail 1 goal. I prestiged to 3rd prestige in black ops (completed), but I failed to finish call of duty finest hour on the good ole ps2...the game is one of the worst FPS's ive played, finest hour that is....its so frustrating and difficult with horrible teammate AI, they seriously block you in at every turn. I am on the last mission, and I have been trying all night to get by it with no luck. The checkpoint system is awful and you die you have to play the whole mission over again. The game is just full of tediousness.

New goals: Date January 25, Tuesday

1) Beat Finest Hour (need a few day break but hopefully i can get by it)

2) Fifa 09- Finish One Season of Be A Pro Mode

3) Gran Turismo 5-Finish a few special events

4) Pick Up Super Street Fighter 4 and try to get back into it

5) Play 3-5 hours of Halo online

6) Start Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core on PSP (once finest hour is done)

gonna try my hardest to stay away from black ops this week

January 13 Update with some thanks

first off thanks to some people like serbine, ebbderlict, hart, and the others that have been watching my game reviews and such on youtube. I really wish I could bring them over here to gamespot, but there upload restrictions are too harsh. Why cant they let us embed them :duh:. Hart and ebb both have youtube channels of there own so definitely check those out...i think harts is mjkurtzman, and ebbderlicts is ebbderlict

The reviews will continue and i have been lazy as of late in terms of doing contrasting videos such as the best games of 2010 ect. I havent played a whole lot this year though and feel that i should play some other stuff like heavy rain and mass effect 2 to make a full list. The best games of the year that I have played though are Black ops, FF 13, Gran Turismo 5, Bad Company 2, Super Street Fighter 4, Fifa 11, and MAG.

As I am sitting here looking at a stack of games I have to get through and make progress in I decided I might try to set some goals to get through some stuff...knowing I have a few hours each day to play something. I guess I will do a blog series on them called "Gaming Goals of 2011" and maybe they will be updated each day week ect

I wont have too much time to play this weekend since I will be gone all day sunday at the patriots game!

So for next Tuesday Night at 11:59 pm I have these two goals in mind

1) Prestige again on Black Ops....currently 7 levels away to hitting my third prestige level.

2) Finish Call of Duty Finest Hour-Ps2 on Normal..( I am on about mission 15 out of 20, but this game is brutally hard, and honestly pretty broken)

so ill update on wednesday and set some new goals....should also have another youtube vid up around the same time!

Game Update Dec 16, 2010

Hey guys....wanted to thank all of you that have been watching my youtube videos first off. As you may have noticed i amped up the number of videos I have been putting out and will keep getting 1-2 videos up a week. Most are mainly game reviews which will be the focus, but I am also doing top 10 countdowns, music, book, and other reviews, plus a monthly gaming show that will be debuting at the end of this month and will have so much content in it and will be close to a half hours length.

I also plan on updating people here on gamespot and on twitter. On here I will be doing daily updates as to what ive been playing for the day, what ive been reviewing and working on as well.

Today I have entered production of my review for Socom Confrontation on the Ps3....will be recording audio tonight and the video should be out around saturday....

So today ive been finishing up playing that game and will start looking at the multiplayer component of modern warfare 2 to continue my look at the call of duty franchise...I should be playing mw2 alot over the next few days while mixing it up and playing some other stuff..... after mw2 multiplayer review is done I will be doing the multiplayer review of the recently release black ops....after that I will do a different type of video....I plan on doing 3 reviews and then a top ten or other review to break it up so there isnt a hundred reviews.....

thats about it happy holidays!

Games Beaten/Completed In 2010


Battlefield Bad Company-PS3-Beaten.....still need to getback to this one and complete it.....8.5/10

Final Fantasy of my all time favorites......10/10

Just Cause-360-Completed............had an ok storyline but too many side missions for the C......7.0/10


Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix-Ps3...........ok download got it on the cheap...........6.5/10

Top Gear Pockket 2-Completed-Gameboy Color.............didnt really like it.........5.5/10

Resident Evil 5 DLC-Completed-Ps3.....................Dlc was pretty good and old school..........9/10

Call of Duty 4-360-Beat.................cant complete it, really hard on vet......................9.5/10


Blazblue Calamity is above average...............7.5/10


Demon Souls-PS3-Beat 6 times, Completed...................crazy good...........................9.5/10

Beowulf-360-Beat.....................not a very good game.............................5.0/10

As you can see I havent played video games as much this year as the past couple years.....i think i beat 28 games last year and so far this year ive beaten or completed 10 games.....there will be 2-3 more i can beat by the end of the year.....this year has been about multiplayer titles and longer games such as demons souls and ff VII

I just beat beowulf today, next game up after I try to complete it......Final Fantasy XIII

8/31 Gaming

Well today I hit a milestone of 100 total hours loged playing Fifa 2010. This has come over a span of 11 months! The only other games that ive ever put that much time into have been Demon's Souls (110 hrs), GTA 4 (150 hrs), Street Fighter 4 (350 hrs). There may be more but I dont think so.

I also beat Demon's Souls the other day and am Playing the NG+ mode and making another character which will be a mage for PvP fights online. For the rest of tonight I might work on my other Demon's Souls character and play some xbox stuff.

Battlefield 1943 Review Posted

A In depth video review is on my youtube page

The written version is posted here on gamespot, but I quickly put it together so it isnt as in depth as my video review.

I also am at the endgame of demons souls, but before I watch the final cutscene I have to do a little more farming and find a few items before advancing to New Game +.

Thats about it just wanted to quickly mention my review! thanks!

New Video Update-Youtube

Hey guys just dropping a quick line as to an update video I am in the processes of uploading on my youtube page. It should be up in an hour or so. I know some of you are subscribers so you know where to find it but for those that arnt my youtube name is shockingly toolzz 360. I added a second youtube account which the video explains specifically for game playthroughs...(toolzzplaythroughs) so origional.

Recent Ratings: Hydro Thunder Hurricane (360) 8.0

Halo 3 (360) 8.5 upgraded from 8.0

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