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Ps Move

Why is it every time I see a Playstation Move promotional vid I have a vision of a Nintendo pr fella and a laywer watching their every move trying to see if they have copied them in any way. I am still amazed that even now after watching the Gamescon vids that Nintendo havent tried stopping the Move. It was like watching somebody playing thw wii in hd on a black controller.

The one thing I dont understand is when the Wii came out Microsoft and Sony said they werent interested about the motion controller but now they both have made their own versions. Atleast microsoft tried to do it a bit different: doing it without holding anything. But sadly their E3 kinect show proved that what we were witnessing was another Wii control system being copied. I thought Nintendo had registered a lot of patents regarding this method?

Completing games

After just completing Resi Evil 4 again on my Ps2 I am wondering if there is any other games to play over again to see what I can unlock and then it occurred to me that a lot of games these days are very short and some games companies have realised this and try to enhance the players experience by adding unlockables and sometimes being able to carry them over into the main game. Then it occured to me that some game developers have just got lazy by adding achievements on the games , the majority of them happen to be games that are designed solely for online multyplayer games, which is good if you want to play online but then I thought why dont they make two versions of certain games one for single player and one for multyplayer. The single player could then have more game play and more rewards. Whereas the multiplayer games could have more of the same aswell, thus giving the player the choice and also the chance of playing a game which can suit them and more depth. You see I have realised thinking like this means that I will keep playing my Ps2 and Wii and never end up buying a Ps3 or Xbox 360. Whats the point of buying a machine like them two and a new Hdtv for games that are supposed to run on 1080hp and dont and the main game lasts for 6 or 8 hours for £50 a game, just doesn't do it for me. But saying that I would probably buy a 360 in a year or twos time because at least they are realising not every can afford to buy this stuff at the moment! I just remember the days that when you completed a game ( or gave up after playing the thing after a month because it was going on too long!) You had a sense of achievement not like now where you take a game out of its wrapper you find out that you have already completed it. Now a days I play a game and after completing them I think that my daughter could complete them thinking she is watching one Nick Jr! I just miss the old days! Anyway rant over, thank you.