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my new awesome game i got that everyone should get

havent been in gamespot for a while with reviewing and bloging havent heard me for a while and now this is my return.right now i am gonna talk about my new gamethat i got5 days agoL.A. noire this game is like one of the best rockstar games rockstar is good at story telling any kind of theme to an immirgrant,gangster,cowboy,decetive,mafia anything there good at.the game has to do with being a dective solving can call this game grand theft auto cop stories.i recomend this game a buy

i got mafia 2 thoughts on mafia 2

i got mafia 2 on ps3 its a really good game but it has a really short story you play as vito scalleta but the story is awesome but short there is some oh snap moments like shocking moments tell me what you think of mafia 2

my video game biography

How it all started i went to my freinds house when i was 7 years old me and my freind were playig on the gamecube the first game i played was mario kart so then i love video games so then one day my parents bought me a gamecube and two games super smash bros melee and zelda the wind walker.A few years later i got a ps2 my first game was the incredibles then i got star wars battlefront 2 i started renting alot of video games.then i got a xbox it was awesome system i got forza motorspotr.After that story about the xbox i started to wanted to have halo i coundt get it becuase i wasnt allowed to play mature games then one time i saw a cool video game ad it was grand theft auto i wanted so badly beacuse you can do whatever you want i coundt get grand theft auto since it was mature game then two years later i got more mature so i got grand theft auto liberty city stories on my ps2 i was soo hooked up on it and then two months later i got gta san andreas then gta 3 then vice city.I hot an xbox 360 after my first game was bully scholarship editiotn grand theft auto creators made bully so i wanted to try the game it was awesome.Then i rented halo 3 i didnt like the game kind off.I then bought the godfather it was a cool game it was like grand theft auto you play as a mafia from the corleone family.After i got my final game system the ps3 it was awesome i got call of duty 5 i liked its multiplaer i didnt like call of duty before but now i do nazi zombies was a fun coop mode.Then i got grand theft auto 4 on my ps3 it was an awesome gta game it has really good graphics then i tryed saints row 2 it was better then grand theft auto4.Then i got modern warfare 2 it was really good but shortstory multiplayer was awesome but not as bad company 2 thats the game i am currently playing its reallyawesime.

2010 Video games

2010s video games came with a bang of cool games like mass effect 2,bioshock 2,battlefeild bad company 2,God of war 3 and etc.Also some new games coming out this year like mafia 2,halo reach,just cause 2 and anncouments of games this is the new geneeration of video games.Tell me what you think of 2010 games

video games

i love video games encieplly gta games tell me whats your favrouite video games mines is the godfather 2 and grand theft auto 4