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Is there any news is there is going to be an HD Collectuon in the working?? hopefully it's just the frist 3.

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For the PS3! I mean MGS1 was on PS1 to start with, why not bring it where it belongs? The reson I played that crap Cube is just for this game. and I think it really needs to be updated and played by the PS3 gen.

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It is a Playstation only game and it was big in 1998/1999 in other words it selled just fine. It was a fun Third person shooter and I do think it should be on the PSN to download.

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I think they should put it on PSN becouse it was more of an PS2 game then Xbox. The Playstation are knowen for making great third person games and I have to say this game is one of them and is one of my PS2 favs.

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I know it wasnt the best game, but it had Bruce's voice. and the Evil Dead fan base to back it up so I think it should be on PSN(soon to be SEN). after all these years I wouldnt mind beating it again.

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I would love to see the Evil Dead games(even Hail) to be put on the PSN. I miss playing as Ash blasting away with a shotgun. I feel like most evil dead fans that THQ should start make another game with more horror base feel, plus it would look sick on the PS3.