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People who listen to rap are criminals!

At least that's what the people at HMV think.

Yep, I was working there for a while, and I learned some quite shocking secrets. The so called "security tags" they put on CDs, aren't the same on every CD. On pretty much any CD, they just put a sticker round it saying "security protected" just for show. It's just a sticker to ward of shoplifters. The Rap, RnB and hip-hop CD's however, are what the manager calls "high risk", so they have real security tags on them. Is this racist? Only putting security tags on the music by primarilly black artists? Or perhaps they think that only a person who listens to this kind of music, would be dumb enough to try and steal a CD with a security tag on it? Nah, it's probably just because they really do get stolen more often. But somehow, I don't think everyone would see it that way.

As a helpful demonstration, I've provided three CD covers. Scroll over them to see the HMV managers reaction when you pick it up.

Actually, no. I was going to provide a wonderful visual aide, but Gamespot is such a stupid, sucky piece of suck, that it just F's up on me all the time. It was gonna be real cool, too.:cry: