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Mythic Dawn Teachings 4

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Whisper to earth and earth, where the meddlers take no stones except to blood, as blood IS blood, and to the cracking of bone, as bone IS bone, and so to crack and answer and fall before the one and one, I call you Dragon as brother and king.

Hides of dreugh: 7 and 7, draught of Oil, 1 and 1, circles drawn by wet Dibellites: three concentric and let their lower blood fall where it may, a birth watched by blackbirds: Hearthfire 1st. Incant the following when your hearing becomes blurred:

Enraptured, he who finally goes unrecorded.

Recorded, the slaves that without knowing turn the Wheel.

Enslaved all the children of the Aurbis As It Is.

End of Book 2
Speak to me, my Brothers. Book 3 is awaiting your enknowledgable soul, to absorb the teachings, so it may enrapture your soul, that is bound within your mortal realm.

Until you are free. I can set you free.

Mythic Dawn Teachings 3

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 Your coming was foretold, my brother, by the Lord Dagon in his book of razors. You are to come as Idols drop away from you one by one. You are exalted in eyes that have not yet set on you; you, swain to well-travelled to shatterer of mantles. You, brother, are to sit with me in Paradise and be released of all unknowns. Indeed, I shall show you His book and its foul-and-many-feathered rubric so that you can put into symbols what you already know: the sphere of destruction is but the milk of the unenslaved. I fault not your stumbling, for they are expected and given grace by the Oils. I crave not your downfalls, though without them you might surpass me even in the coming Earth of all infinities. Lord Dagon wishes you no ills but the momentous. And as He wants, you must want, and so learn from the pages of God this: the Ritual of Want:

Mythic Dawn Teachings 2

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Whosoever Reads this document, I call him brother (except of course, OWS, who is against the Mythic Dawn.)

Answers are liberations, where the slaves of Malbioge that came to know Numantia cast down their jailer king, Maztiak, which the Xarxes Mysterium calls the Arkayn. Maztiak, whose carcass was dragged through the streets by his own bone-walkers and whose flesh was opened on rocks thereon and those angels who loved him no longer did drink from his honeyed ichors screaming "Let all know free will and do as they will!"

Dawn is breaking.

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Grettings Novitiates. As you may have seen, I recently posted my entire first commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes, and I have been pondering. Perhaps for those unknowledgable of such things, it may be too much to take in at once. So I shall divide my teachings, to make it easier to digest. But Fear not, eager Novitiates, all shall be revealed, for those who seek the knowledge. It shall come soon enough.

Dawn is Breaking...

The Mythic Dawn

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Greetings, novitiate, and know first a reassurance: Mankar Camoran was once like you, asleep, unwise, protonymic. We mortals leave the dreaming-sleeve of birth the same, unmantled save for the symbiosis with our mothers, thus to practice and thus to rapprochement, until finally we might through new eyes leave our hearths without need or fear that she remains behind. In this moment we destroy her forever and enter the demesne of Lord Dagon.

Reader, this book is your door to that demesne, and though you be a destroyer you must still submit to locks. Lord Dagon would only have those clever enough to pause; all else the Aurbis claims in their fool running. Walk first. Heed. The impatience you feel is your first slave to behead.

Enter as Lord Dagon has written: come slow and bring four keys. Know that then you are royalty, a new breed of destroyer, whose garden shall flood with flowers known and unknown, as it was in the mythic dawn. Thus shall you return to your first primal wail and yet come out different. It shall this time be neonymbiosis, master akin to Master, whose Mother is miasma.

Every quarter has known us, and none bore our passing except with trembling. Perhaps you came to us through war, or study, or shadow, or the alignment of certain snakes. Though each path matters in its kind, the prize is always thus: welcome, novitiate, that you are here at all means that you have the worthiness of kings. Seek thy pocket now, and look! There is the first key, glinting with the light of a new dawn.

Night follows day, and so know that this primary insight shall fall alike unto the turbulent evening sea where all faiths are tested. Again, a reassurance: even the Usurper went under the Iliac before he rose up to claim his fleet. Fear only for a second. Shaken belief is like water for a purpose: in the garden of the Dawn we shall breathe whole realities.

Enter as Lord Dagon has written: come slow and bring four keys. Our Order is based on the principles of his mighty razor: Novitiate, Questing Knight, Chaplain, and Master. Let the evil ones burn in its light as if by the excess of our vision. Then shalt our Knowledge go aright. However, recall that your sight is yet narrow, and while you have the invitation, you have not the address.

My own summons came through a book Lord Dagon wrote himself in the deserts of rust and wounds. Its name is the 'Mysterium Xarxes', Aldmeretada aggregate, forefather to the wife of all enigma. Each word is razor-fed and secret, thinner than cataclysms, tarnished like red-drink. That I mention it at all is testament to your new rank, my child. Your name is now cut into its weight.

Palace, hut, or cave, you have left all the fog worlds of conception behind. Nu-mantia! Liberty! Rejoice in the promise of paradise!

Endlessly it shall form and reform around you, deeds as entities, all-systems only an hour before they bloom to zero sums, flowering like vestments, divine raiment worn to dance at Lord Dagon's golden feet. In his first arm, a storm, his second the rush of plagued rain, the third all the tinder of Anu, and the fourth the very eyes of Padhome. Feel uplifted in thine heart that you have this first key, for it shall strike high and low into the wormrot of false heavens.

Roaring I wandered until I grew hoarse with the gospel. I had read the mysteries of Lord Dagon and feeling anew went mad with the overflow. My words found no purchase until I became hidden. These were not words for the common of Tamriel, whose clergy long ago feigned the very existence of the Dawn. Learn from my mistake; know that humility was Mankar Camoran's original wisdom. Come slow, and bring four keys.

Offering myself to that daybreak allowed the girdle of grace to contain me. When my voice returned, it spoke with another tongue. After three nights I could speak fire.

Red-drink, razor-fed, I had glimpsed the path unto the garden, and knew that to inform others of its harbor I had to first drown myself in search's sea. Know ye that I have found my fleet, and that you are the flagship of my hope. Greetings, novitiate, Mankar Camoran was once you, asleep, unwise, protonymic, but Am No More. Now I sit and wait to feast with thee on all the worlds of this cosmos. Nu-mantia! Liberty!

I won't be on much anymore

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I haven't been on for a while. And unfortunately, I wont be able to come on much anymore either:(

Well, I hope I see some of you sometime, if I can get on again any time soon

Happy bithday to ME!!!!!!!

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yay, it's my birthday today!!!! GIVE ME MONEY!!!!!

ok I'll settle for a hug....perhaps a hand shake.....a friendly hello?...........Eye contact?....

I gotta lotta stuff to say, so come take a lookie!

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WTH is up with that? I can't post a header image for ma blog! It just don't work fa gawds saik!:evil: I was gonna post a pic so the world could see my pretty mug shot!

And also, 2 days till my birthday!!!:D

And also, if you want to be an officer, get on down to the Warriors game and movie union, and you can be an officer there! (If you show that your interested in the union, and you have to have posted a lot on the union) It'll be a snap!

And I like to post pics, so heres one now! It's one I made myself, and it's also a story in itself, with much great meaning. Anyone who can figure out that meaning before I post it myself, wins a prize!(I will not post a pic of myself unless I can make it my header image, gawd daimeet)

Friday the 13th - An unlucky day for some

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not me though, my day was fine:P! My friend on the other hand had the worst day ever.:?

First he dropped his lunch everywhere and it got trampled. Later on we had History, he got in a load of trouble and had to work in the teachers office on his own. Then in Art, he lost his homework and had to do it again.

Then on the way home he fell over in the mud! It was so wierd, everything that could have gone wrong for him today, did. Luckilly the rest of us had a good day. I wonder if anyone else had this much bad luck:twisted:

I've finally got some Emblems!

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I voted, I voted twice, and my favourite, MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! Yeah sure, it was really easy to get, and loads of other people have it, but I think it's really cool!:D Hey, it's one of the emblems that no one in the future will be able to get.

I was getting kinda sick of just butterflies for an emblem