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videos, saints row, and more!

I *almost* uploaded a video. But the stupid peice of crap didn't work! I got that stupid "this page cannot be displayed" error thing, while the video was uploading. I tried a few times but it still kept happening:evil::evil:

Also, I've had saints row for a while, and actually it's very good. It is a lot like GTA, but it still rocks. Except for the fact I had almost beat a really hard mission, all I had to do was drive back in some van. But the stinkin thing fell in a ditch!!! It was so annoying, I was about 10 feet away from where I needed to go to complete the mission, but I had to use this stupid van. I had to do the WHOLE mission again!!!!!!!!! That's really the only time this game has extremely P*ssed me off. I got annoyed with san andreas a lot as well. I guess I get frustrated with things easilly.

And More! um...more is coming soon!

secrets of the world 1


^play that on a piano, and your wish will come true! (as long as you wish to have hair grow in your throat.)

now then. If you ever meet a man named Wainthrawt, it better be raining, or he will try to kill you. however, if it is raining, he will scream about rain babies, and give you five canadian dollars, even though he lives in France. Maybe that's why he was getting rid of it. I had a picture of this guy, but I lost it, I'll try to find it.

 Did you know, gullible can also mean you like coke (the drink)? Well my friend knows, and he says he's very gulliable.

GTA, unions, Christmas, and much more!!! Oh, and Prizes too!

Ok, lots to say. Interesting stuff!:D

 GTA!!! I may know some things about GTA IV, so look at my last blog post for some info. (ok it's not much, but he didn't reveal much, and I haven't revealed all that he revealed to me:wink: )

unions!!! I made a Warriors one not long ago. It hasn't been huge, but it's still going. A warriors union isn't going to be huge, unless a new Warriors game is released. But there are people (Johnnyfox, Matthewise and Ajax13 are my super Officers!) who are still posting often. And that's good enough for me! I feel like making another. If I  resigned as leader to the Warriors one, could I make a new one? (I would of course, resume leadership afterwards:P). Perhaps I should make one for the worship of the great Lord Dagon! Yes, the union shall be a place to teach all the wondrous knowledge of Mehrunes Dagon and the Mysterium Xarxes. Unless I can think of something better. Any Ideas people? (more on The Mythic Dawn further down.)

Christmas!!! It's so close! But to me, it dosen't feel like it is. Mainly because, the tree still isn't up, theres no decorations, and I've got barely any shopping done! Man I am so screwed. I'm thinking, because there was a thanksgiving emblem (which I'm annoyed I didn't get:evil: ) there might be a christmas one. I'm not sure I'll actually be on for Christmas day. Maybe for a minute just to see.

And more!!! I like to share my wisdom. I have wisdom on many things. I know much about the Mythic Dawn, and Daedric Worship in General. I also speak German! (I had to learn it at school.) And I suppose I'm a bit of an Agony Aunt (uncle?) Yeah, so feel free to share your questions or problems, and I shall answer in Dillegence!

But heres a question for you, what do these letters mean?

C, A, D, C, T, A, J, M, N.

If you can answer, you shall recieve a great gift.

And heres a picture for you. It's been stretched and zoomed and picked around. Do you know what it was originally? (The writing has nothing to do with it, I added that for a pinch of flavour!)

mwuhahahaha, perhaps I'm going crazy. Perhaps it is every one else who is crazy.:o To answer this question, allow me to quote from the Mythic Dawn Commentaries:

Every quarter has known us, and none bore our passing except with trembling. Perhaps you came to us through war, or study, or shadow, or the alignment of certain snakes. Though each path matters in its kind, the prize is always thus: welcome, novitiate, that you are here at all means that you have the worthiness of kings. Seek thy pocket now, and look! There is the first key, glinting with the light of a new dawn.

Thus, you must all surrender your will to Mehrunes Dagon, and Paradise awaits you!

Ok, that's all I got for now. What do you think? Respond to individual sections, or the whole shabang! Woo man, I am so drunk...:shock:

oh yeah, and oldwomenslayer

The time is set....The day shall come....And all ye unfaithful shall fall.

The Day He shall walk the Earth.

The Tower touches all the mantles of Heaven, brother-noviates, and by its apex one can be as he will. More: be as he was and yet changed for all else on that path for those that walk after. This is the third key of Nu-mantia and the secret of how mortals become makers, and makers back to mortals. The Bones of the Wheel need their flesh, and that is mankind's heirloom. 

Oath-breakers beware, for their traitors run through the nymic-paths, runner dogs of prolix gods. The Dragon's Blood have hidden ascension in six-thousands years of aetherial labyrinth, which is Arena, which they yet deny is Oathbound. By the Book, take this key and pierce the divine shell that encloses the mantle-takers! The skin of gold! SCARAB AE AURBEX!

uh oh.....*BURP*

I think I just ate a dodgy kebab....:?I don't feel too good.:?

 it was kinda like this, but with less salad and more donkey meat.

Well we are now officially going out

A small few may know her as Foxxy5, she's been on gamespot a little bit. But anyway, we've been friends for ages, and kinda on-off. But now it's official. Just thought I'd say....

P.S: Don't tell oldwomenslayer