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Can't connect to Xbox Live

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I still can't get it to work! Theres some problem with my IP adress, but I can't fix it!!!! Anyone know what to do?

level 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hell yeah, level TWENTYfrickinONE!!!!!!!! At last I'm past that dirtbag of a level 20. But really, why the hell have gamespot not done anything!?!?! They must know this problem of being stuck on level 20 for ages exists! It's annoying I tells ya! Now, I'm not happy anymore. I'm just PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!

oh donkeybutter.

Well, at least I'm not metal slime anymore.

Yeah, that's it.

GRRRRRR STUPID PIECE OF **********************************blaaa

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I was making a blog post, and it all got deleted!!!


It is so annoying. I can't be bothered to do it all again.


I'm back!

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My computer is sorta fixed, at least enough for me to come on here. It's a little sensitive still, but hey, what have I missed?

A temporary goodbye

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unfortunately I wont be online for a while. My computer is broke. I'm posting this on my sisters comp, and it is reeeeeeeeeeally slow. So I'll talk to you all when I can, hopefully soon.

I was in a fight

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 I was gonna call this blog Special K, but that might confuse people as to what the blog is about. So here is a brief description of why I would call it that:

 The planned title of this post was not based on the cereal directly, but the nickname of some geek who is named after the Kellogs variation. That's right. There is some geek I know who we call special K. He's not special, but his name has a K in it, so we call him it. Simple.....Special K you stupid JERK!!!

But, that is not what this blog is about. I was in a fight today. Not with that stupid Jerk Special K, but this little cocky ***** who really needed a good punch in the face.(Well, Special K is a cocky *****, but I wouldn't hit him.)

I'm not violent, but this guy was a right засорительпениса!!!He just starts a fight for no reason. So I hit him back...Fight over.

Halfway through level 20

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I still have a while to go, but at least I'm getting there. I'm sick of Metal Slime. but I consider it an acheivement, and a goal to get to level 21

I give up, I give in...

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I'm gonna get GEARS OF WAR.

I did not like the look of the game. It just wasn't my kinda thing. But this game is so insanely popular, I think I have to. Well, I suppose it dosen't exactly look bad, I just didn't really want it. But now I'm thinking I should. I need an opinion from someone not just following the bandwagon and praising this game as their almighty.