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The Sims 3 First Impressions.

My sister got the Sims 3 a couple of days ago, but I only got to play it a couple of minutes ago and decided i'm going to write up my first impressions.

Essentially, this game is very similar to Sims 2, but it adds enough to justify a purchase from both Sims fans and newcomers to the series alike. The body of this first impressions is what is new to the Sims 3.

The most noticeable difference is that you are now able to zoom out from your house to see the whole neighbourhood, without any loading screens. At first when I heard this I thought the loading times must be agonizing, but that is not the case. It loads your house and when you zoom out it shows other peoples houses and the different businesses, but they only fully load when your character arrives at them.

This means that, unlike in previous games where you could only invite people over, now you can go to anyones house or business at any time or they could come to your house. This makes your Sim neighbourhood alot more alive and realistic.

There are many small differences like now at your job you get paid per hour rather than paid one sum for all the time. This means you can leave work halfway through if your character is in need of something at home or in a very bad mood. This can avoid time at work in a bad mood, which puts down your progress bar to a promotion, but leave work often and you'll find yourself being fired.

They did change some really small things which confuse me, like now when you go under the skills tab, skills only appear once you progress in them, otherwise it's empty.

They have changed the whole interface, which may alienate most expierenced players, but all the hot keys remain the same and it doesn't take too long to familiarize yourself with the new way of play.

Wants come back from Sims 2, but it seems as though fears are gone. This time, there is one main want window where you can see your Sim's different wants by scrolling through, and there are 4 empty spaces below it so you can "Promise" your Sim to fulfill this want.

Succeeding wants will net you "Lifetime Happiness", which are points you can use to choose from about 50 rewards, ranging from your Sim being extra clean to the ability of teleportation. These rewards cost varying amounts of happiness, so it's necessary you choose your rewards carefully. Also, after fulfilling wants, you get a temporary 4 or 5 in-game hour boost to your mood.

This brings me to another addition to the interface. There are many things that can affect your Sims mood in this game. These different mood changers vary in the amount of time they are there for, and to what degree this will affect your Sims mood. For example, eating a nice meal will subtly improve your Sims mood for 5 or 6 in game hours, and if your Sim feel it's his/her lucky day, it will improve her mood for 24 in game hours.

All of these, however, are not positive. If your Sim see's something that disgusts him/her, or if your Sim has been working too long and is strained, these will decrease their mood, severly so in the case of the latter. This creates a balancing act where you can choose to eat that plate of pancakes now, or wait until you're ready to go to work to get that mood boost to increase your chances of promotion.

When creating a Sim, all the things from Sims 2 make a return, except this time you can choose what your Sims lifetime want is, what his/her favourite colour, food and music is and, a new feature, a combination of 5 traits that make your Sim unique. There are about 60 or 70 to choose from, ranging from Good to Evil to Technophobe to Computer Whizz.

These different traits play a big part in how your Sim will react to different situations and what they will do in their spare time. For example, my Sim had a good sense of humour, so he could make people laugh and make friends with less effort, and he was a Genius, so he could hack other Sims computers through his own to make money.

Overall, the Sims 3 should be a big hit for any fan of the series, and also people who think the sound of a simulation of real life sounds appealing. Once I expeirence a bit more of it, I will probably write up a review on this. Thanks for reading.

Oh, and on a personal note, here's a tip; never forget to take chewing gum out of your mouth before sleeping. I regretted it this morning.

Since my last blog...

Well, if any of you care at this point, i'm going to try and update you on what has happened since my last blog post. Not much has, and it's been a long time...

First and foremost, about a week and a half ago, I did what could be my greatest gaming achievement so far. On Guitar Hero 3, I passed Through the Fire and Flames on Expert. Sure, it was a terrible score, but I passed it.... I gobsmacked myself. I failed at like 80-90% like 20 times.

I recently got Left 4 Dead, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Mass Effect on the XBox 360, and they're all great games.

Left 4 Dead is like your typical zombie shooter, but thing is I can't play more than a campaign (which is an hour or so) of it before saying I've had enough and just play some other game and leave it off for awhile.

I haven't played enough of Mass Effect yet, I'd say I just about surpassed the boundries of "First Impressions" at this point, but so far it's been fun, mixing both RPG and the combat elements of a typical shooter together well.

Last but not least, Oblivion. Wow. I am in love with this game, it's the reason this blog wasn't put up a few days prior to now, it is very addictive. I've already made 4 characters, although only 2 of them have made it far enough to be worth mentioning.

This game (and my recent return to Call of Duty 4) is the reason Left 4 Dead and Mass Effect hasn't gotten enough attention. There is just so much to do in Oblivion, I've already put hours into it and not even a couple of them have been into the main storyline. There's just far too many distractions like the guilds and many different groups you can join. Also, the game is beautiful. Probably the first game I said this about, but the scale of the graphics when looking around at the view from atop a mountain is just phenomonal.

I've recently been playing alot of Call of Duty 4 and a bit of Halo 3. Not much else to say about that really.

Oh yes, and awhile back I got another 2100 Microsoft points. They were used to buy the Halo 3 Mythic Map pack, which was okay, one mediocre map, one map I don't really like at all and one map I love, and the Metallica Death Magnetic album DLC for Guitar Hero 3. Very fun songs.

I plan on delving back into Rainbow Six Vegas 2 soon to see how well it holds up and to get the one or two ranks I have left to reach Elite status.

Before I got my XBox Live back I played alot of a little addictive game called Maplestory. I got my Cleric to Priest, my first character to hit 3rd job, and he is now at lv. 75. If anyone plays the North American version of Maplestory (I'm not American, but there wasn't a European version way back then) by any chance, add my character Cleric119944 if you like. Also, i'm on the world Broa.

The next games to get are Gears of War 2 and Guitar Hero Metallica, then i'm set until about christmas, though i'll probably try to stick in one or two more games before now and then with all this great stuff being announced at E3.

I'll try to post more blogs since I'm off school for this ridiculous amount of time now and have not much to do. I find it hard to think up of ideas for blogs and to be, quite frankly, bothered to write them up. Hardly anyone will pay attention anyway.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I "celebrated" my birthday a couple of weeks back and my sisters last week.... Yup.

A quick update.

So I haven't posted a blog in awhile, so i decided i would. I don't know if anyone really cares anymore, but ah well, here we go.

I haven't posted a blog in months because, to be honest, 1. I don't see the point and 2. I am like a major procrastinator. I'll be like kay i'll post a blog in 10 minut.... Oooh look, a butterfly.... :P.

I have gotten Guitar Hero 3 and been playing that a bit, but mainly Halo 3. With halo it always seems to be an on and off thing, but this is one BIIIG on. Addicting stuff O.O.

Ummm yeah, school and grades suck as usual.

Finished the Twilight series. Yeah, they were good.

Reached the halfway point to the 2nd last rank in Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I've been taking it easy though. If I was really bothered i'd be Elite by now. I kinda can't wait though :P.

Oh yeah, my last post was about my RRoD. It got fixed on christmas day... Yeah, 'sall good.

My upcoming games (Hopefully) Are Rock Band 2, Gears of War 2 and Fallout 3. Can't wait :D.

Hmm... I should be studying for my english test now... Yeah, just putting down my thoughts at this point.

Oh yes, i've also gotten Far Cry 2 since my last blog. I was thinking of buying it in the shop for like 30 euro, but a guy in my class hated it so he gave it to be for like 15 euro. I was quite happy. I had played it at my cousins previously, and I had excellent first impressions, but it went pretty much downhill from there with a last-resort style multiplayer where i'd play it when i'm bored of everything else, and extremely repetitive missions. That's not to say it's a bad game.... Just..... Missing something i guess.

Really annoyed that you have to buy some limited edition of Halo Wars or something to get the new Halo 3 map pack. I mean seriously. Ah well, we'll get it soon enough...

So yeah, boring, boring life.

Teh kittenzorz do not liek meh ):

Well, just about 20 minutes ago we got a kitten! I haven't had much to do with it, but when i tried to hold it it like opened it's mouth at me and i was liek ):. Yeah. I brought the really small, old-ish tv to my dad's office along with the xbox and it's games because we don't have broadband here :/.

With the 2100 ms points i got a long time ago i got Contra, Geometry Wars 2 and the Halo Legendary map pack, along with the free map "Cold Storage". I haven't played much of geometry wars 2, Contra or Call of Duty 4 yet, as nearly all the time has been consumed by halo. What a great game!

School. Well, at least it burns time.

Well we're finally back to school i don't actually find it too bad. We've had sub's for all the french classes in replacement of my least favourite teacher. Apart from that it's been alright.

Last year in our first 2 maths classes we had Ms. Lee, but she was pregnant and was out for the whole year and we got Mr. Clarke instead. We have Ms. Lee back though and, to be honest, it's a definate downgrade. Ms. Lee is alright but Mr. Clarke had this really good mix of like being strict but being so nice aswell.

I have my xbox back but without live it is... Boring at best. However, i might be getting a 15 or 20 euro game on friday to keep me occupied. And that's it....

Summer = fan-****ing-tastic.

This is my blog of no-ness.

Am i having fun? No.

Do i have my 360? No.

Do i have an internet service apart from dial up? No.

Am i having really eventful days and not just sitting around till school catches up with me again? No.

Do i feel like life is worth living (atm)? No.


Blog ideas are hard to find...

Yeah, i always wanna do a blog as i've been lacking in them lately, but it's hard to find ideas. I suppose here's one; It's 8:40 am, i couldn't get to sleep, and i'm doing another review but this one's being troublesome....

1 Thing that really baffles me...

Why are we expected to cry over someones death or even misfortune? I know it sounds just cruel, but if my mother died, i doubt 1 tear would even think about comming out my eye (few of you know why). Now if it was my sisters, i might shed a few, but if it was my fathers i'd be seriously depressed for a long, long time.

Another thing is that I once told my sister i never really want to get married when she was waffling on about marriage once. She was like "OMG", but i have 2 valid reasons that she didn't listen to. 1. I don't want to spend my money or time on a child really... 3. My father married my mother at first loving her but now I couldn't see him marrying her in a billion years because she has changed. I feel this could happen to me again. 3. People often get influenced by their spouces and personally, i'd prefer to do what i want, when i want and make my own desicions.

Thought i'd just randomly blog that O.o. Since i'm completely bored i'm probably going to do another review probably today, so you can check that out if you want.


Any ideas for a new gamertag?

Once i get my XBox back i'm changing my gamertag. Got any ideas any1? In the comments, if you need to know something to pick a suitable tag, just ask it and check back in a few hours or so to see if there's a reply. Thanks guys.