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Im currently in the 15.50 mb/s area right now so the download is going a bit faster. I just can't believe the game takes this long to download.

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Is it taking anyone else a crazy amount of time to download the elders scrolls online beta? I am almost at 5 hours and it is only at 16%

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I am currently having the same problem as this guy. I followed the same instructions by trying to go to Go to the Nvidia control panel>Manage 3D settings>program settings>find titanfall and add it and select nvidia high performance processor below, but Titanfall isn't listed. I also tried Right click the application and there should be a choice that says "Run with graphics processor" Then you select "High-performance NVIDIA processor, but that didn't fix the problem. I am playing on a lap top and I heard people with lap tops are having this problem. My GPU is a Nvidia geforce gtx 660m.

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Cool, thank you.

#5 Edited by toddx77 (3261 posts) - has the PC version of Injustice for only $20 and the website says Steam is needed to download and play the game, but does that mean steam is all you need like if you bought the game code from Amazon? Am I going to have to download and use Gamestops client too?

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Back in the day I had an account I logged into on Nintendo's website and registered games like Wind Waker, Mario Kart, Pokemon, Game cube, and my Wii. I recently tried logging into the club nintedo account and no user name is working and when I request my user name and password it is saying my e mail isn't on file. Did all of those accounts go away? I want to make sure before I make a new account to download stuff from the eshop.

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ok good to know, thanks.

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No I mean just the code unlock the games on steam, uplay, something else? uplay would make the most sense since both are ubisoft games, but I want to make sure.

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My friend got the Assassins Creed IV and Splinters Cell Blacklist codes for buying a new Nvidia card and wants to sell the games to me. Before I by them though I want to know what digital platform they unlock on,if any, by no where on the card does it say and I can't find the answer. Does anyone know?

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Ok good to know, thanks.