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Well I don't know what I did, but the problem is fixed lol.

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I don't have controller for PC games and using a controller doesn't really fix the problem.

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On my steam version of Arkham Origins Batman will not puch in the main game or challenge mode. Every other button works, I bind punch to another key and it worked fine. I put punch back to left mouse button and he wouldn't punch. I even re installed the game and still have the game problem. Anyone else know how to fix this?

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This is great news. I love Heavy Rain and I have been interested in this game, but never planned on buying an Xbox one. Funny howboth Dead Rising 3 on Ryse were xbox one exclusives at launch and now are coming to PC a year later. Those were the 2 games that might have made me buy an xbox one lol.

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Is Reaper of Souls going to be released on PS3 just as an expansion like on PC? The only Reaper of Souls I see for consoles is the Ultimate Evil edition. So if I i was to just buy the base Diablo III for PS3 could I still get the expansion some how?

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OMG I am such a idiot. If you started the game on easy you already have the shot gun in your inventory. If you start on normal that is when the shotgun is on the wall in the house. I haven't opened my inventory yet so I didn't notice lol.

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The shotgun that is supposed to be in the house in the beginning of Resident Evil 4 is missing. I have exited the game and started a new one and it is still not there. The wall is just empty like it has already been gotten. I have googled the issue, but couldn't find anything. I figured I would ask before I delete and try to re install the game.

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Trying to decide between Outlast, Lone Survivor, or Slender for a horror game. I am looking to go with Outlast. I heard good things about it, but is it worth it?

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How is ORION: Dino Horde? Steam says it has a single player and it is decent? I don't really do MP unless it is an MMO.

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Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy VII for sure once they are a daily deal or a flash sale. Maybe The Walking Dead season 2 and Bastion if they get cheap enough. It is also cool Dead Rising 3 is coming to PC and you can pre order it for a cheap price, although is anything really surprised it is getting ported? I totally saw this coming when the game was announced lol.