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The Hurt Locker

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I ended up getting this movie because the closest redbox was out of inglorious bastards and I must say wow. This was one of the best films I've seen in a long while. It featured some extremely intense scenes that give a slightly deeper look into what it must be like to work in an Army bomb squad. For a fantastic movie of the Iraq war featuring no political spin I HIGHLY recommend. On a side note I got Inglorious Bastards when I returned this and it was....... good? I dont know, Im not a huge Tarintino fan but I more or less liked it. Now I'm about to watch a movie that nobody I know has ever heard called carriers. WATCH THE HURT LOCKER!!!

It had to happen eventually

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I've always been very much against being a part of that scam microsoft calls a points system, but I'm definetly gonna have to get battlefield 1943. What with itsdestructible envionments and beautiful maps, plus lots of vehicles.I really hate buying MS points to do it since there such aploy for MS to make more money off of you,but its worth it. I just wish the demo would have been alot longer. Anyways I grew up playing this series and this game is a ton of fun!

Its been so long....

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I have'nt posted on this site at all in awhile and I regret that. I finished my freshman year and am havin to move to Texas because my dad got a job as a cop. I'm kinda excited but kinda nervous. Before I left my best friend and I made a pact to join the marine corps. Speaking of which he, a few other friends, and I snuck into The Hangover, and I must say t\you have got to see this movie! honestly greatest peice of cinema I have yet seen. Though the guy that sold us the tickets should definetly be fired! I'm dealin with the loss of live especially hard since I just decided to go into prestige the other day. speaking of which I've gone from lvl 1 to 58 in the past three days. I've been reading this fantastic book by Jeff Shaara called "to the last man". Its a book about world war one but it follows different soldiers from Captain Manfred Von Richtofen(though you may know him better as the Red Baron) to Gen. Pershing. Thats about all I've got to say at the moment, see you later (and this time I may actually!)

Well its been a while

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Its been a few months since my last post. My life has been pretty busy with lots of stuff, you know hangin with old friends, new friends and stuff like that. I've kind of gotten a bit out of touch with gaming, and have gotten really into music, which brings me to a question for you guys. I wanna get an iPod chromatic and to do that I'm gonna sell my PSP and all my games and movies for it. do you guys have any idea how much gamestop gives for a PSP, I checked Ebay and they are all about $80 on there but I'm a bit cautious of both places, any info would be appreciated. Life has been fairly good, I've made a few new friends along with my old ones and I'm fairly happy on that part of the relationship spectrum, not so much the other. Anyways replys are always appreciated!

Whats your most anticipated game of '09

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The title is pretty self explanatory but I'm curious as to what game you guys just need to have now. While I'm really excited for Killzone 2 since I have a PS3 now and dont need to hate it, I gotta say the sequel to one my favorite games EVER Bioshock 2.

Thanks and no thanks

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I want to thank EdwardB4 for answering to my request about the Fable II content, I love my new armor. I also wish to say no thank you to G4tv and also this site. My last blog post, the one in which I posted my request, got me banned for "Illegal Activities -- e.g. Begging and/or Providing ROM/Warez/MP3/Cracks/etc". All I did was ask if anyone had the code and didnt want it. I didnt Pm anyone or harass anyone. Its not like I even said I wanted to buy it. Then I got banned over at G4 for standing up for Sony against the seriously biased editor of an article about Sony being discriminant against gays, lesbians, and bisexuals because they blocked the usage of those words in Home. Granted I got banned mainly becasue the editor insulted me and I fired back at him [though I didnt do it over the top]. Fun week huh!

Missed my Fable content by 1 day

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I finally went to check out how to get my missing Maser Chief armor and and the other stuff andwhat do you know Microsoft closed down submissions on just this very day. Arent I lucky, I really wanted that stuff. I anybody still has their code and doesnt want it I'd really appreciate. I have like three unused live passes [2 48 hours and a 1 month one] I'd part with.

I'm so confused

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I'm really confused on whether or not this girl I reall like may like me. I mean I talk to her alot and she had me walk her down to her class which I found odd because she had to wait on me for like 5 minutes, and she knew I really needed to go study for my finals [that were in like 20 minutes] plus she knew I had no business there and would get in trouble if they caught me. She walks home with my friend and I but she doesnt really like him all that much, and she is always messing wiith me unlike anyone else, which I suppose could be taken as flirting.... and we get along really well.