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Xbox 360: Call of Duty Limited edittion

At last I bought a Xbox 360, not any Xbox 360, but Call of Duty limited edition (actually it is the same thing just with 250 GB HDD)

Call of duty was good, though since I didn't have a good monitor (or TV) and I used to be a PC gamer, it was a little confusing playing with a big old screen (low res. TV= not seeing enemies and just shooting) and trying to figure out a good way with controllers...

Google's CADIE

hi everyone,

I donno if you have seen this google's CADIE (AI) or not. but take a look at it (search it cuz right now it's down)

some say that it's aprils fool day for google, what do u think??? cuz some others also were keep saying that google chrome 3d is an aprils fool day too, but it wasn't (you can download it here

post ur ideas here



So In the End I've bought GTA IV for PC, for my lap top. Fortunately it works, but with the lowest graphical performance, and with low frame rate in some part of the game (usually in streats especially when it rains) but the unfortunate part is that because I use a LapTop (Dell Vostro 1510) I can't update my graphics's card and there are some problems with my current Driver (some time it stops working for 3 seconds or many other problems) plus because the game runs slowly (just a little) I usually can't play it online (I've played it 3 times but when it starts raining It's kick me out of the game because of that.)....

So right now I'm looking forward to a new Patch for the game and also a new version of Nvidia Driver for my Geforce 8400M GS VGA Card.

I can't Wait

I can't Wait, yesterday I went to Market to buy FarCry2 but there wasn't any here in Pune, they told me I go there next week, but I can't wait a week for this game also I fell in love with Fallout 3:D and I want to buy this game too (next week) but today when I was searching throw Internet, I found out that it won't come here in India so I must download it (Or Find other ways) to play this game :((

It is hard to wait for a game, It is harder when you wait for two games, It will be harder when you didn't have any game to play for about 3 weeks :((


Hi again

I was in Antaliya and konya so I couldn't Write it's continue but now i continue my Blog:

1.2:Ankara :

I told you some things but i forgave to tell this thing that Turkish people Specially who lives in Ankara Smoke too much, every one in streets , EVERYONE, it is awfull for A city....


The old ancient City Konya where Mevlana (molana) liy there and it was one of the Seljuk Capitals.. the city was not as modern as Ankara, but it has it's own Special things.

The Biggest Important of city is for Molana Shrine, in December many people around the world (Specially Iran) go there to Announce Molana Weak (if you don't Know him he was a great Persian poem and he did much things about Irfan and he makes Dervishes Creed) of course city has other Ancient things to see but most of them are Mosques. And about gaming I don't See any thing....


The Seaside modern City Antaliya where you can find Mediterranean Beaches and Ancient Building. The English speaking in this city is much better than Konya and Ankara you easily speak English to most of the People who you might have work with them and it's all because of Tourist in this city, And it has Many beautiful places from Ancient Romans and Greece... and about gaming it has some modern Shopping centers like Ankara but Every thing is too expensive for Iranians too.... and you can find Very Iranians there too........he he

Big Journey: Part 1


I'm now in Ankara.... The prices are too expensive (a Hamburger cost some thing about 6$) i watch the streets and i found some game-nets and i found that i can go an play PS3 if i want.... the architect of city is not bad, but it big problem is that most of the people can't speak English and i have major problems in shoping and speaking to the people.

I check the games's Awful most of their PC games are for 2 or 3 years ago and the latest PC game that i can find was BioShock and it costs something around 65$....(of course i think they are more expensive than Iran but i don't think they are more expensive than World Prices..)

I'll write more in next few days....


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