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What I Got For Christmas!

The Good:
-Xbox 360
-Wireless Controller
-Forza2/Marvel Ultimate Alliance
-Halo 2


The Bad:
-Bag of wrenches
-Combonation wrench set
-Box of Wrenches and other tools

What the F@#k am I gonna do with all these wrenches?

I just don't know how to feel...

Today about 10am my grandfather had past away. He was on breathing for the past month and spent the last two weeks in a coma before he was considered brain dead and they pulled the plug. I don't feel sad at all. I still personally think that he killed my grandmother from neglect. She had to have her legs amputated & my mother had taken very good care of her then, we moved out and not even a month later she had passed. Is it wrong of me to not feel any sadness?