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NBA seAson started last Nite

Houston beat LA Lakers last nite 95-93 for tha season opener.. T Mac had 30 points, 4 assists,6 rebounds (cuz he's tha truth) and Yao had 25 points and 12 rebounds.. Shane Battier had tha game winning three alongwith 11 points.Aaron Brooks and Stevie Franchize didint play for some reason tho. Cant wait to see how he'll fit in with our unstoppable Offense :P

yea its gonna be a good year for Houston.. Dallas better watch out now

If it aint tight, it aint right

Rap Haters don't look...

My top 10 favorite Rap artists in no particular order





Black Thought



Notorious BIG


Talib Kweli

..These are my Faves at tha moment but of course there are a bunch of other rappers I listen to such as Raekwon, GZA, Andre 3000, Papoose, Saigon, Ice Cube, Kanye WEst, Game, Pharoahe Monch, Murs, Kool G. Rap, etc way to many to name

Bengals = G.O.A.T.

Bengals = G.O.A.T. NFL team ever.

Last night we beat Baltimore Ravens 27-20 and beasted them on D..Baltimore had 6 turnovers all together, 4 fumbles and 2 interceptions (cuz we're that raw on Defense :P)

J/k about Cinci being tha best team in tha NFL.. Im just hoping we can have a good year and stay consistent all year (and not fall off in tha middle of tha season like we alwyas do).. But Im glad we got tha win and Chad Johnson had a touchdown and a few good plays and all that so yea its cool.. And this is my First blog in Forever cuz this is tha first time ive actually been to my profile on here in a long time (i just go straight to tha boards) and I just now noticed how awful those Tags are that I made in my last post.. So just ignore those tags right there cuz I promise I got alot better at photoshop :P ... Oh yea and we started conditioning for basketball :D Our first game is in a couple months

and KanYe West's new Album came out today. Go cop it if you listen to rap


Last weekend I decided to download photoshop. It's pretty cool too. I spent like all my freetime last weekend (cept playin basketball and goin to tha KY state HS basketball tournament) messin around on it and stuff.. I looked at a few tutorials and watched some videos on tha basics of makin tags.. Then I made a few tags of my own.. I cant make sigs (yet) tho cuz its hard as hell and I like makin tags better cuz its alot easier.

So this is what I made so far


added 2 more


Gotta New Emblem

                                           Elementary, my dear Watson.
This aspiring detective went above and beyond the line of duty to provide feeback on Scavenator, GameSpot's scavenger hunt game                                                            

Check out This tight emblem

Here batter, batter, batter!
For those who participated in the Major League Baseball 2K7 demo premiere. Did anyone else get it? all you had to do is watch a video about tha 2k7 game.. That game looks pretty nice too..I just dont like how they put Derek Jeter on it.

oh btw, we won our game tonight 76-71.. It was senior night and our last home game of tha year.

10,000 Posts!

yesterday I finnaly got my 10k post! It took me a while to get here tho..

Now i gotta see If i can get to 20k

NBA All-star Game


It was a good game, but I didint think it was as good as tha last 3 year's games.. Kobe Bryant was tha MVP. He had a pretty good game with 31 points.. T Mac didint do that great, he only had 8.. but they didint play him as much as MElo..

Also, in tha dunk contest, Gerald Green was tha winner.. but Dwight Howard got ROBBED big time on his sticker dunk.

1 year anniversary/Super Bowl

yup..I just realized that..over a year I got like 8000-something post..And tonight is tha Super Bowl, tha Colts are killin tha Bears right now in tha 4th quarter..I wanted tha Bears to win, but oh well, this super Bowl really doesnt effect me cuz tha Bengals arent in it..

NBA Allstars



F Tim Duncan
F Kevin Garnett
C Yao Ming
G Kobe Bryant
G Tracy Mcgrady

G Allen Iverson
G Steve Nash
G Tony Parker
F Shawn Marion
F Carlos Boozer
F Dirk Nowitzki
C/F Amare Stoudamire


F LeBron James
F Chris Bosh
C shaquille O'neal
G Dwyane Wade
G Gilbert Arenas

G Chauncey Billups
G Jason Kidd
G Vince Carter
G Richard Hamilton
F Caron Butler
F Jermaine O'neal
C/F - Dwight Howard

Looks like Carmelo Anthony didint make it this year..but since Yao and Boozer are injured, David Stern could select him to take one of thier places..

Jerseys: East.. West

And its gonna be on Febuary 18th, so dont miss it..