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My Imagination's Pretty Crazy, Isn't It?

So, folks...this is it. The final battle. Leonard Testarossa has Kaname Chidori, who has the "ultimate power" for him to take over the world. Hell, there's a machine or something draining her power. With our friends fighting the minions down on Earth as it's about to come to an end, it's up to Junko Hattori and I to stop the bastard.

Junko: Well, Tjoeb123... this is it. This is the final battle, where we will crush Leonard Testarossa and stop his evil plans! Are you ready?
Tjoeb123: Ready as I'll ever be!
Junko: Okay, then. Let's go!!

The Dynasty Warriors NEXT battle preparation screen appears. I equip my best weapon, orb, and ability items, then select "Begin Battle". The music for this battle is "Judgement".
The battle begins. It's two against 10,000 of Leonard's army.

Junko: Leonard Testarossa...I shall put and end to your diabolical plan to use Chidori's power to take over the world!!
Leonard: Oh? Just try and stop me!!!

We fight his army and capture all of the enemy based (except the main camp). We fight and defeat the bastard together.

Leonard: Fools...This is only the beginning. Youre too late to save your precious girl! Because....I've already absorbed her power!!!

He unveils his true form, and flies off.

Tjoeb123: Does he really think he can scare us, by transforming into a monster?!
Junko: Nope! But we WILL stop him! Anyway, are you ready to do this together?
Tjoeb123: Yes!
The Chaos Emeralds (yes, from Sonic the Hedgehog) revolve around us, transforming us into our super forms.

We go and fight him. Turns out, he's too much for us..

Tjoeb123: Dammit...
Junko: Wtf....
Leonard: Even the Chaos Emeralds are no match for me!!!!

We try fighting him some more. Then, realizing that the power of the Chaos Emeralds aren't quite enough, we both power up for one final attack, as the Wisps (yes, from Sonic Colors) give us their power as well.

Tjoeb123: Wisps?!
Junko: What are you guys doing here?
Yacker: Well...
Yellow Wisp: You guys helped us...
Orange Wisp: ...escape from that jail cell Leonard put us in...
Cyan Wisp: So, now it's our turn...
Purple Wisp: help YOU!!
Junko: Oh, you guys!
Tjoeb123: All right then, let's go!

(Cue music: "Vs. Nega-Wisp Armor Phase 2: Reach for the Stars - Epic ver." from Sonic Colors DS) The wisps enter our bodies and give us their full power (in addition to the power from the Emeralds!) and we charge into Leonard!

Tjoeb123: How is that?!
Junko: TAKE THIS!!!!

We strike him with full power.

Leonard: D...DAMMIT!!! FVCK YOU, WISPS!!!! THIS IS NOT...THE...END....

And he blows up.

(Music: "Jingle - Special Stage Result" from Sonic Colors DS - NOT Extra Stage Clear)

Tjoeb123 & Junko
Time Bonus. 38590
Wisp Bonus. 4828
Ring Bonus. 60
Total. 43478
Rank. S

Now, before we go on to the ending, let's go back to the final battle and take a look at two more outcomes.

As we are attacking the enemy army, Tjoeb123 loses a battle vs a high-ranking officer, and is killed. (Cue music: "In Conclusion~DW Beat Mix" from Dynasty Warriors 7)

Junko runs up to him and shakes his dead body at the same time, while screaming and crying.
Junko: Tjoeb123? Tjoeb123...? Speak to me! Tjoeb123?! ...NOOOOOO!!!! I'VE LOST HIM!!!!! (cries and weeps in pain)

The enemy army is watching. Too shocked by the loss of her loved one, she is no longer able to fight, and is defeated.


While fighting the army, (Cue music: "Deathblow~DW Beat Mix" from Dynasty Warriors 7) we both die at the same time.

We now return to the ending, on Tjoeb123's Blog.

The ending theme to Hard Corps: Uprising begins to play, and Junko, Kaname, and I are slowly descending down to earth, reverting back to our normal forms.
Soon after, we return to school, where everyone celebrates our safe return, as well as our victory. Everyone cheers at us as we walk the halls.

Junko: Well, Tjoeb123? It looks like we did it! The world is saved, and everything is back to normal!!
Tjoeb123: Yeah...
Kaname: (with a pissed-off face). Tjoeb...123..?!
Tjoeb123: Y-yeah, Kaname...?
She slaps and hits me repeatedly in the face.
Junko: (smiles) ...Yep, it's back to normal alright!!

The screen fades to black, and the credits roll.

Art Director
Everything Else

The end.

Junko: Woah, wait a minute, why are YOU getting all of the attention?! I saved the world too, you know!!
Tjoeb123: It's because I am myself, the game, and the computer.
Junko: I know that, but I don't care!!!!
Kurumu: Yeah, and why did you leave the rest of us out of the character select screen anyway?!
Inner Moka: I could've EASILY kicked that guy's ass! I came out just for you to take me with you into battle, too!!!
Tjoeb123: I-it's, well, um....You see, I haven't seen the anime series you two are in (twice, actually!) prior to writing this, but I'm in the middle of doing so right now!! So...
Kurumu and Inner Moka: WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR CRAP EXCUSES!! DIE, Tjoeb123!!!!!
Everyone in the school room begins to beat me up. After a while...
Moka: Oh Jesus, I'm sorry, Tjoeb123! Are you okay....?
Tjoeb123: ....ergh....Yeah, I'm fine.
Moka: Oh, good!
Junko: Don't get all lovey-dubbey on us, now!!

And we all laugh, happily ever after.

To be continued....

Kurumu: Ooh, the story goes on! And I'll be able to participate in battle, too! And make Tjoeb123 all mine!!! Mwahahahaha....
Moka: Not a chance! Well, with Tjoeb123, that is...
Kurumu: Dammit, Moka, you're so mean....

So I made an anime opening AMV.

It's for the Dragon's Dogma song that plays at the title screen. Find it here.

Wow, that was a short post. Um.......What can I say? It's the best Jrock song I've heard so far. Though why in Dragon's Dogma? Also, no, I haven't played Dragon's Dogma, nor will I ever, because 1. FVCKING CRAPCOM, and 2. I can't seem to get into WRPGs that well. And I've tried like 6 times.

Also, gotta hate YouTube's ability to mute audio. Had to up-pitch the bastard to make it work.

About Capcom.

No, this is not a rant.....yet. I just want you to know that I no longer call Capcom by that name, because, really, Crapcom is the proper name. That's right - Crapcom. Now and forever, everywhere on the internet until they make a scamless Mega Man X9. Oh, and did I mention their fvck-ups?

See ya, Dropbox!

So I've been using Dropbox for a while. I love how easy it is to use - it integrates right into Windows Explorer, so I can just add things to it like a normal folder, and the changes will sync to my other devices with Dropbox installed. Not to mention, I get 2GB of free space. Pretty neat, huh? Enter SkyDrive, Microsoft's version of the service. It wasn't quite as easy to use - you had to upload files manually to the web, and the application was sh1t - until yesterday. On Xbox Live's Major Nelson Radio, e mentioned that SkyDrive got a huge update recently - and it's one that IMO makes it better than Dropbox. Not only does it now let you do what Dropbox does, but now everyone gets 7GB of free space. Unless you're like me, and used SkyDrive before, then you get 25GB of free space!!! So yeah. I won't be using DropBox for a while. Oh, and there are iOS and Android apps for SkyDrive, too.

OMG Thank you Gamespot, Namco Bandai and EA!!!

Seriously, you guys are awesome. I have received my gift package, which I entered for about a month ago on On the Spot. It all started last night. I went out to go get mail after my mom went to bed. Inside, I found a slip that said I had a package waiting for me in my apartment's office. It was closed, so for then, I just pondered on what the hell it could be. 'Cause after all, I didn't order anything!!! The next (this) morning, the first thing I did as soon as I got out of bed (and even before eating breakfast!), was to go down there to see what I got. When I did, I saw that it was from CBS Interactive, so I immediately knew what it was, despite it feeling light. When I got back, I opened it and saw something wrapped in a FedEx package, along with a paper with the words "THANK YOU FOR WATCHING ON THE SPOT ENJOY YOUR PRIZE". And inside of that, was probably the most valuable thing I'll ever win in my entire life. I'm a lucky bastard. It was........ A P. S. FVCKING. VITA!!!!!!!!!! And here's what came with it: -It was the First Edition bundle, so it was 3G, but it didn't have the free trial redemption code (and even if it did, it had already expired) -SHINOBIDO 2: Revenge of ZEN -Touch my Katamari -Ridge Racer -FIFA Soccer (which I just traded in - sorry EA, but I don't play sports games!) Now, to find some good games. Not particularly interested in these 3, but of the 3, I'll probably concentrate on SHINOBIDO 2.

I'm on SoundCloud!

You guys know I've been writing music, right? Well, guess what? I'm now on SoundCloud!!. So I encourage you to come check out my music, give me feedback (as I will also be uploading some WIPs), and, if you have a SoundCloud account, follow me!! Please? Pretty please? Note: All of the music I write is either through GarageBand for iOS or FL Studio Mobile.

Apple event summary

So today, there was an Apple event, where they announced the new iPad. Here is a rundown of what got announced and/or updated: iPad --New iPad announced, called, oddly enough, "The New iPad" --Retina display --5MP Rear camera --4G LTE (Verizon/ATT) --iSight camera --Apple A5X (just faster graphics) --iPad 2 discounted to $399 for 16GB. All other flavors killed off Apple TV and iTunes --Now supports 1080p video. If you already own a HD TV show or movie, just change the Store preferences to download 1080p video and redownload from your download history. iWork --All apps got updates, though I don't know of specifics other than compatibility with iPad 3. iLife --Again, all apps got updates. --iMovie has been drastically upgraded. --GarageBand now has Strings, a note editor, iCloud support and more sharing options. --iPhoto added. ...And that's it for now. Will update with more details as I do more research.

Tjoeb123's Blog Reviews: Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos

Ladies and gentlemen, what you see before you may very well be my favorite PSP game ever.....if it weren't for the huge problem I have with it. Also, I might start a series of posts (or maybe not) of reviews of things that aren't really covered on Gamespot...or really, anywhere else in the Internet. So let's get right to it! (And yeah, most of these paragraphs are probably going to be pretty than I'm thinking) The game is Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos. How have I heard of this game? Well, I was introduced to the anime series Demon King Daimao (or Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou for you anime purists), and....well, we'll save it for later. As soon as I saw footage and screens of the game, I knew I just had to play it. FIrst off, when you start the game....  What the f1ck does that say? Story Well...I can't make it all out since it's ALL IN JAPANESE!!! But what I found on the internet was that there is some gate/portal thing that connects game worlds together, and someone/thing is trying to take over it. That's....basically it. But wait...Did you just say "game worlds"? Does that mean....?! That's right. It does. Read on for more info. Characters Most of the characters, save for a few, are actually from various anime series/games! Now, let me get back to the story I started earlier. So I was introduced to Demon King Daimao and the character Junko Hattori. I thought she was hot. So I was looking up images on the internet one day, and saw pictures of her in some PSP game...? Eventually I found out that, of course, this is the game. So I was excited and that''s what made me get the game! As for the others, well, there's these two...  Even he's stunned by her hotness. And that also shows a conversation. More on that later. As for the other characters, most of the crossovers are from series and games I've never even heard of. I think someone from Tekken is in there, and maybe Ivy from Soul Calibur? UPDATE: Thanks to Giant Bomb's List of Queen's Blade characters, I found out their names are Jean and Marron, respectively. The girl you see in the below screens is Alice. Gameplay But of course, there's no "game" without gameplay, right? The game is basically your typical SRPG fare, a la Fire Emblem.  What the hell do I pick...? That's a picture of the map screen, and at first I didn't know what that said, but I found out (through my own sight) that it was asking you how to move. You pick a unit. You pick a space to move to. You attack a target. Bam. And that's where it gets fun.  The typical battle screen. When your character attacks (assuming you have animations turned on), you see this, followed by some awesome battle animations. Except, this guy doesn't have one. For that reason, I call him "Mr. Wuss."  OH GOD, SHE'S BLOODTHIRSTY!!!!! I THOUGHT SHE WAS SO SWEET AND INNOCENT BUT OH MY GOD!!!  And you earn EXP and money too, as usual. Sometimes after a few turns pass, or you defeat a certain number of enemies, a new ally shows up and kills everyone for you. For the first battle the character appears in, she is a guest. Also, in cases like the following, you can't skip the animation if it's part of an in-battle cutscene.  Watch out, guys. Alice will murder you. Also, after some battles, the guest character will challenge you (one of your remaining party members, at your choosing) to a duel. Not sure what this does, but I think it strengthens the bond between the characters. You'll still win the stage regardless if you win or lose the duel. UPDATE: And here's a quick (well, not really) gameplay video, showing Turn 1 (yes....10 minutes for a turn) on Stage 1.  Sound and extras The music in the game is as awesome as hell. Too bad they (Namco) didn't release an OST of the game. In fact, it's so awesome that I murder my fellow Spartans to 5 of the tracks. As for voices, it's Japanese. There's also an unlockable Special gallery, which allows you to view all of the CGs, music, anime cutscenes (including one recreation of a certain scene from Demon King Daimao), love scenes (yes - Mr. Wuss could get with Junko if he really wanted to....which is weird since she already has a lover!), and character bios after you seen/heard them (and save). Anyway, that's all I have for now. Will edit this post and add more stuff if I need to....which I probably will in the near future.


We'd like to thank everyone who preordered the Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Limited Edition: Gamindustri Savior Set. Due to the incredible number of orders we've received, we are no longer able to take any more preorders for this item. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.NISA
F!CK!!!!! Purple Sister: I'm sorry, Tjoeb123....We all did the best we could to get NISA to ship copies of the GSS to Gamestop... Me: Dammit.... Purple Sister: But look at the bright side. At least you got to reserve the better game you've been waiting for, right? Me: You mean Tales of Graces F, right? least now I can concentrate on supporting Namco Bandai. Purple Sister: But that won't stop you from helping us save Gamindustri, right? Me: Hell no. Not by a long shot. Black Sister: Tell you what. In order to make it up to you, we'll scan the photos we took recently of ourselves - and our sisters - and post them on the internet for you to download, okay? That way at least you'll have a digitized version of the artbook. Nepgear: Yeah, and I'll rip the CD and put it on your iPod! Me: Thanks, guys! Er....girls!! You know what I mean, right? Purple and Black Sister: Yep!


"Due to the sheer amount of orders for the Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Limited Edition, we might sell out before preorder! We will not be printing any more copies, so preorder today!" F!CK