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A 3DS confession

6 months ago, I bought a 3ds just to play and experience Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (I'm an avid fan of Monster Hunter series since Playstation 2 era). I said to myself that having Monster Hunter, the game I'm only playing on my 3ds is already enough to satisfy me (I'm more into Sony games than Nintendo) . But I'm totally wrong. First I tried Need for Speed on 3ds, and it was totally amazing. Then after seeing the huge Nintendo 3ds (NA) games library, it changed everything. 

Currently playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and played it almost a month now. Even though that I'm new to the series (I'm a Harvest Moon fanatic) the game just took me by surprise. Now I always look forward everyday on my town.

The addition of upcoming Titles such as Mario and Luigi Dream Team, Rune Factory 4 and don't forget Pokemon X and Y made me appreciated my 3ds more.

Sometimes I had an idea of selling my Ps3 to get Fire Emblem: Awakening, Shin Megami tensei 4 and Attack of the Friday monsters.... But on the second thought, I also wanted to play Tales of Xillia, Final Fantasy X and X-2 remastered and Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns. I am still happy, afterall my RPG needs is still intact. 

I'm starting to love my 3DS.

Its been awhile since I manage to create a blog

I think its almost 3 or 4 years that I have stopped on writing blogs... I've became busy since I entered Medicine after graduating from a college degree..  I remembered that during my college days I was able to create some blogs particularly on PSX and PS2 games, I've also did some on GBA... Aside from blogs, I also did some mini player reviews of my PS2 titles as well as some few GBA games, I love reading people/gamers giving their critiques and reactions on my reviews... 

I cannot remember well the year that I was inactive, but still from time to time I'm visiting the site for upcoming games.. I bought a PSP 2000 to keep in touch myself in gaming since the PS2 is on its dying years... Even though I have my PSP, I failed to review some awesome games both Japan/Eng/Eur due to my hectic schedule. Oh my, I really misses making reviews...

Now that I am near graduating on my vocation, and have some pretty short time for myself as well as hours to burn, so I bought a PS3 unit and try to catch up some games that I havn't played during my busy days/years... Now I also got a 3DS that would come in handy on my workplace... I only played it after my duty, of course my patients in the hospital is my top priority..

Now I'm currently enjoying some free time Playing JRPG on my PS3 and grinding on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on my 3DS. I also play with some on my friends, which is awesome. I want to maximize the games on my PS3 and 3ds before jumping to any new-gen consoles, this is how I play my games, maybe I'm not the first one who played the game but I play my games on the right time.. 

Hope to meet more gamers here and happy playing... Its nice to be back...

What about Us? We also want to play it...

I really envy Japanese because they got good game creators and they produce a lot of games... but some their games was not able to release in english versions.. So it was kind of disappointing that they only choose famous games to be release on English... Hope that other Japanese games would be available for every gamers... Some of the games that I really want to be in English version are Phantasy Star 2, Brandish, Ys, and a lot more ... Hope that this games would be in english...

I'm Still Alive

I never thought that I would come back to GS typing new Blogs and having new posts... I'm very happy to be back in this community... I missed giving out critics on games.. coz I only got PS2 and gameboy.... we all know that games in these systems had minimal new game releases... Thats why I'm longing to have a psp just to be active on the gaming world...

Now that I have my own now... hehehehehe... I would be starting giving out mu player reviews soon.... I'm currently playing FF7:Crisis Core and Patapon... :D

Hot New Game Released This Christmas Vacation

I have been silent for the past 6 months.. I have been busy on my studies... I always wanted to play at my free time but I didn't for the fear of failing my exams.. But now that I have been free.......................... Thanks for the Christmas vacation!!!! I am now prepared to play again.....

Recently I have purchased Chaos Wars.. I played with it for 2 days and finished it today.. That was my apetizer for the newly released games this week.

I bought Persona 4. I relly love the game! I'm still playing on it... The other games I purchased were KH:chain of memories (PS2) and Eternal Poison.. I hope I could finish all these three games before I go back to school this January..:oops:

new to GS agian

its been a long time sinced I had logged in @ GS... The whole site was updated and a bit new .. Sadly to say that I can't write reviews on games anymore.. PS2 is dying and I can't have these Next-gen console... And I have a busy schedule for I still go to school. maybe time to time I will update myself to some of the new released game.. Ang hopefully I could play those games if I had my vacant time...

I miss you Guys...

Its been 6 months since the last LI on G-spot.. How are you guys? I think all of you are now enjoying the next gen consoles and playing those great games... I'm still playing on my old, dusty but indestructible 4-years PS2 and my 1-year old colored pink with ff tactics customized Gameboy advance...

I think I'm a bit too late in some of the games right now... I hope I could be on the legue with you guys... Still have to finish all of my wished games on PS2 before hittin' the PS3 games..

Bye guys... See you later.:)


I wasn't able to log in for about a month. I am quite busy for awhile for having a serries of exams and preparations in school.. I have missed several games and never been updated on the incoming games... I also forgot to finish the games that I've been playing... Well that is for sure I'm going to stop for awhile...

I'm gonna miss the Gamespot...

I'm gonna miss you GUYS!

See yah Later!

Traumatic experience!!

I purchased a .Hack//G.U. vol.3// Redemption game... I have been playing the vol.2 and getting excited to load up my previous file.. So I checked up my file on my memory card. By the time I load up my file... There has an error... I don't know why... the game said that "there is no .hack vol2 save file" something like that.... I am shocked.. So I restarted and check up on my memory card... Thge file was gone.... and my other files such as FF and other RPG were gone... Almost all the files that were aligned on the third row was gone... don't know what happened... :cry:

Busy... Busy... Busy...

I haven't been online for several days.... damn I miss my gamespot profile.. It is good to be OL again..

I have lots of career focusing activities lately that is why I rarely checked my G-spot account. There has been science fairs and recreational activities held at school... Investigatory projects and school requirements is a must do task for me..

I haven't played any new PS2 titles out there.. I just checking the store time to time if there is any new games that I would like to purchase.. I already have persona 2 on my list and currently playing on it... And I also bought a ff6 advance.. This games would definitely worth playing after a looooong busssy weeks for me...

Hope you guys also enjoy playing and must have time for yourself to enjoy....:D

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